Last edited by exharrison; at Mitchell] , Halloween [Commentary with J. A team of knights are to investigate a village that has not experienced the black death protected by a Necromancer. Nancy Malone was cute here. There are a couple of scare scenes, but again, without knowing much, you kind of get lost in what is really happening until it is revealed towards the end. I really wasn’t in the mood for Dark Shadows today so I found the one Dark Shadows property that had the least to do with the series. I’m also not a fan of the backstory of how the Ig met his girlfriend and how they basically casted it like Lee is the one that will kill her because she picked Ig instead of him especially since isn’t Lee his lawyer? And there was a surprising amount of over the top gore for an 80’s movie.

But the producer did have a lot of interesting thing so say about making and marketing movies back in the 50’s. Outside of a fun kill or two, this movie is a complete and utter waste of time. Goose Island Beer Co: On a side note, my program for reacclimatizing those girls to the world would have been constant TV, I mean really why not pump them with TV like non-stop? Not really feeling Oktoberfest. Last edited by exharrison; at I kind of like how they didn’t muddle it up too much, it was very straight forward considering the series at this point was obtusely complicated and interconnected. A sequel that is just as good as the original movie.

Starts out ok but quickly blurs into that lingering dirty river water taste that is evident of the beer not being properly filtered. So far we’ve seen Dean aged and de-aged. The fourth story, the Pit and the Pendulum was sadly very dull. Starts like regular beer but quickly turns into that weird cactus-y minty taste with hint of tequila.

October 24, It is a unique story with a few twists that are easy to follow, thankfully. Assume that all of these are available to all hoztel unless specifically listed as member only like the Welcome Package. HD 63 minutes Drama, Documentary, Music. It was, at times, a bit hard to follow at the start to remember all the characters, but once you got it down, it was simple.


One thing I have liked about these last 6 years of Walking Dead, is that is has given me a lot of time to think about my zombie survival plan, even if I probably would be one of the first ones to go. Disregard mpvie Die Forgotten in Solitary Fear. The Descent Director and Actresses Commentary track A couple of questionable moves happened and you question the judgment on the young couple, but that’s more on the writer than the actors who did an amazing job.

Did have that one fun Ballroom Bitz scene though and the connection to Demon Knight was nice. The reason why the killer did what he did kind of made sense, but the speech about how everyone in hosyel class deserved it really was reaching. And as I have said in seemingly ever other Horror docu review movje in the last few year; I think I would have liked this one a lot better if I had never seen Crystal Lake Memories and Never Sleep Again.

As most reviews of the movie would tell you, it is very hard to follow the different players of the film and what exactly all happened. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse: Goofy, cheesy, 80’s-ness, not a film I would have liked as a younger man or closer to when it came out but something that looking back that is highly enjoyable. The movie stars multiple actors from Carpenters other masterpieces, a fantastic original carpenter score, it drips ambiance and is one of, if not the, best ancient evil movies I have ever seen.

Bela Lugosi was also in the earlier – and otherwise unrelated – The Black Cat from the same studio.

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I do like the showdown between the two, but it really has gotten kind of stale over the years. The Forest – This psychological horror film makes good use of Japan’s Suicide Forest as its setting. La Tigresse du Darknet EP.

And I still don’t understand why Bobby is still in the house. This shoe string budget Slumber Party Massacre-esk spoof was surprisingly sharp and entertaining. It has enough of the style of the first with more comedic elements injected. The gorilla in this film is actually a chimp but much more frequently a man in a suit with his back turned to the camera.


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Probably the last time i’ll ever see this. Halloween 2 Continuing the plots with decoding the book. Dean goes after the Stynes with a seriousness. I liked the grandfather a lot. The Jail – SyFy This was better than I remember. I have only seen the first two Wrong Turns a series that started before the widespread usage of GPS direction devices but I didn’t think that would be a problem in just jumping into 5, and it wasn’t.

Haven’t watched this in a decade. This one was ok. And there was a surprising amount of over the top gore for an 80’s movie. And the lead female actresses, Danielle Guldin, is pretty decent.

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And they even got Reggie for a day! She plays such a sweet and innocent character that you are drawn to and want to see what she does next. The direction of Astraeus Pictures was pretty puzzling and strange could have been much powerful.

What happened hsotel the other families? One would need to do some reading before and after the film to understand everything that was going on.

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moovie October 5, 9. This film was a lot deeper than I had thought going in. No werewolves or vampires in this movie, just past life influencing current. Instead it seems that they found a house and decided to shoot a movie there before they actually had a script to go with it.

You are just begging him to die, even when others bully him. This film and its acting just can’t compare to the first one.