An interesting aside was the story how they had originally had her completely waxed thinking it would make her seem “less naked”, an interesting and very contemporary to the period idea. Zombies Zombies Zombies Zombies: Then again there are definatly no syndicated prints on the Mill Creek editions. I am going to have to make some time in the future for that cast commentary as well. The bride to be and grooms sister decide the only thing to do is to dress slutty and pick up dirt bags so that he can eat. Friend Request October 2nd 2. Alien mummy creepily watching girls lez out being the height of this movie.

It might seem a little too slick now but growing up everything looked so real, and then when I did grow up there was SJPs performance to enjoy. Sin Reaper October 5th 8. The highpoint was literally the opening credits, I even went back to watch them again and am now going to have to download that song. It felt like we were stuck in about a 2 mile circle the entire time. Giggles Dr. Season 2, Episode 2: The Werewolf and the Yeti 7.

E Ali ‘s translation 4 dvd version.

Ever watch a movie and think to yourself; if only this had come out a few years later? Darkgod – Burial Ground: This movie feels much like an earlier ‘s affair with just a hair more to the violence and sexuality then something done at that time. A painful endurance test of bad acting. Another thing that struck me after years of seeing these Jack and Sally toys is that Sally is almost never smiling in the movie, she always looks concerned. You get some caramel notes but it’s just too hoppy, not the marzen style I was in the mood for.


One of the most beautiful yet shockingly violent movies in my collection. Airport Security of Hellish Torment. Gifts for Nosy Neighbours 4 out of 5 stars S01E At least the R1 re-release is the most complete one and one can hope the Mill Creek season sets will fix all those music edits.

It took me about a quarter of the movie to get into it, but once it finally clicked Youf didn’t want it to stop. Some of those little details that are getting rarer and rarer as people pass away. This movie is about 2 brothers who run a diner where the main ingredient is people. One thing it over delivers on s080e5 the 80’s. The non-linear story follows a family both in the present and 30 years ago when they move into a very haunted house.

Strong Yet Suspenseful Emotional Frights.

How I Met Your Mother S01e01 p Dimensions – doratmotina –

The Bigfoot payoff works as well. A lot actually, but this film was mindless fun.

I listened to one of the commentary tracks. I am going to have to invest a little in a wider variety of Criterion horror since this theme doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

This kind of movie is not really my bag but I am a sucker for sutbitles edition items so I had to pick one up this last Black Friday.

Well done, but disturbing. Also the movie that Resident Evil totally ripped off. You go from ‘well its his right’ to ‘they were trespassing’ to ‘ok I can’t support that’ in a hurry in this movie.

The 14th Annual “October Horror Movie Challenge” (10/1 – 10/31) ***The List Thread***

Blu Ray CheckList Spoiler: Is this a sequel to something? Moreau’s House of Pain Dr. Sure the effects are a little dated in places and the science is a bit Also Sally’s constant attempted murder of her creator was a fun little sub plot that I had forgotten about entirely.


Entertaining enough episode of Fraiser set around a Halloween party and a pregnancy scare. For years and years I looked for it again but never found this now in my young mind mythical horror movie. Did not hold mothet hope for this one, but I found myself enjoying it. Loved the progression of his character, in fact most of hour characters in this one were somewhat more interesting than the original but they went way overboard with the sci-fi this time.

Interesting take on Voodoo and mysticism intermingled with a few other belief sets. Village Of The Damned, the original evil children movie. I still have a deep connection to The Ring and even after 15 years it still creeps me out. I bought this because it was a cheapie liquidation DVD and it has this blurb on the back ” But lets face it, I would probably be more amped to dress as Fester. It’s pretty dated now and my DVD is a dreaded picture boxed presentation of it but it is still an entertaining watch and a sci-fi classic in my book.

HIMYM 4th season for p and p.