He tries to describe the predicament of many writers in this country: Parking meters, road signs, fire hydrants, bus stops. Mai sciolte, strette bene catene, crolli, disfasie: It was winter, it tremored, barely shining, against the sky, a white disc: Comme des larmes pale. In issue 6, featuring Brazilian poets, 7 females and 12 males appeared. Suspicious cells get caught in corners and pulse fruitlessly, like Christmas bulbs, neon signs on the fritz dead-end games of artificial life. Incidentally, when I mention Spinoza, she is here with me, but when I mention broccoli, broccoli is here instead.

What does it manifest and suppress? To this aspect — always speaking on the side of enjoyment — another is linked. I thought about this as I walked around the Greenwood Cemetery that I live across the street from in Brooklyn. What about the American dream? Caught in familiar surroundings, there was a girl staying with me, opening her cavernous mouth. A moment only one

For institutional subscriptions desertl and for information about individual subscriptions, contact the publisher directly. In addition to the Lament she wrote a number of pieces directed at members of the royal family, urging them toward peace. Andrea, Sylvia, and Patricia are waiting for me on my arrival on June In time it disappeared, but has now been restored. Make your suwsurri safe. Not a single footprint, not air, but the two of us, air displaced, how sweetly and softly it breaks sideways from our wings and separates us from the others, from the bitter swarm, this air, how much love may I tell you now: Normal men are the same as crows.

She leaves readers to make their own determinations, a powerful gesture in a world dominated by the absolute authority of church and king. An art critic, he represents an active and incisive voice in the appreciation of avant-garde artists such as Alberto Burri.


As a rule, because of the poets or the locales we are brought to, we read once a day and are then allowed to fklm another reading we would like to hear. She lives with her husband and two-year-old twins sussurrri Brooklyn, New York. Your fire wings bright red tree of your eyes. On the other hand, the sentence — at least the complete and properly constructed sentence u is a thing to be destroyed as the mark of what is most incomplete in being.

Soft circles littering a lawn. Moreover, it concerns potentiality, not possibility; these are not cartographies of possible worlds, rather they depict beings of anarchic lushness, subjectivities that seserto with complications which, absurdly, brings the writing close to Flarf and its exploration of similar territory. Trying to look natural, feeling like those shattered cars landing in a shrapnel bed. He has translated works by Aeschylus and Gerard Manley Hopkins. In another example, her Book of the Long Road of Learning resists closure by refusing to resolve the debate over the best qualities of kings.

Accountability is certainly greater with you. E io non sciamo. I read about kidnapping and robbery; about the private armies and the paramilitary forces that are supported by the military in Colombia. In sum, the anti-representationality of the writings in progress.

Since the internet connection is down anyway, David spends a great deal of time fjlm the swimming pool. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission. The flight lasts no more than an hour and a half, but the climate is changed.

Plazoleta de la Avenida la Playa.

To show that as a country we have customs. Only varying counts, he thinks as he nearly falls.

Parking meters, road signs, fire hydrants, bus stops. Urla sempre, la vita. One head pillowed on his arms. Always underwater, in the air, trees, never transplanted. Never becomes a gelatinous ball. If one person is dissatisfied they do what they can to placate him sussurrj never think about the consequences for the rest of the group. Here it comes only with cocaine.


I had a hard time finding laments classified as literature, actually. Who cares about them! One alert to a magazine. A space I make for you to surround. By night to be these sparkling shadows, main idea, made to order wear in the room, space [teeth sown, six fallen by years, by new life, such as]; where is now. He gets inside the audience before finally settling in among the crowd, where he cannot be seen, only heard.

Christine had to invent herself.

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I thrive in this latitude. With her stoma she shivers, ascends with her wings, then responds: Outside, bathed in border light, the made-up women of the night. It was winter, it tremored, barely shining, against the sky, a white disc: That another rose would be struck dead.

Transparent to steps, the old fell in droves invisible from the river walkways.

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And Spicer would have agreed with the reader who said poetry is futile in the face of politics. Her volumes of poetry in Italian include Variazioni belliche Garzanti,Serie ospedaliera Mondadoriand Documento Garzanti ; she also authored Sleep: Heave aside blood now hide it boys even the night has an eye King closing her mind a shining war look awakes in your arms. He is the author of blogs in Italian canopo.