MBO Cinemas – Wikipedia en. In your birthday month, you get another pair of tickets. Whoever said that TGV membership card is expensive clearly dont watch enough movie a year. Find Showtime Cinema On Webcrawler. This post has been edited by chokia: Opened on 22 December

Good value for everyone who need a cinemas membership card. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Dec 24 , Imago KK Times Square. Only need to use either your RHB Debit Card or Credit Card Despite the limitation to only 4, tickets each month, seems like people didnt really use it that much. Located on Level R.

TGV more cinema types and option, that suit specific need. This outlet has two Gold Class and five Premiere Class halls. The largest TGV outlet in Malaysia.

First cineplex in the state which can play 3D movies. Never knew bout that.

Get Instant Results on Nation. In term of movies? As long as you use the membership card, the renewal fee is free. Located on Level 3. Located on Level 7.

It has showtims screens and seats. But good luck to you if took last two rows in hallcan’t even read subtitles as it will be too low. Largest Cinema in Kedah. Not sure if the cinemas lowered movie quality or my short-sighted is worsened: AmpangKuala Lumpur.


Largest cinema in Klang.

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Nowadays takde dah all small pack like gsc style. Opened on 24 May And the seat layout in some of their cinemas is stupid. Opened in November xhowtime, it is the second largest cinema in Kedah. I suggest u go look for doctor.

: Cinema tour: MBO Imago Mall

Not bad but showtine good value for money since they are expensive especially when it comes to membership rewards card price GSC Cinemas Last time yes, TGV hall very small want to maximise seats so they make it very near and seat is so straight TGV is expensive from ticket price to concession. GSC invite the publics to watch the first screening of new movie which mean that the chances you get the free pass is lesser than TGV because TGV only invite members to watch first screening.

Only cinema in Klang which offers stadium-style seating. List of cinemas in Malaysia – Wikipedia en.


List of cinemas in Malaysia

MBO movie voucher at 8excite any movie any day RM8: If small hall, always opt for the most back seat. Previously occupied by Lotus Five Star.

Get the best results for Showtime Cinema on WebCrawler. TGV most expansive and most lousy.

Show posts by this member only Post 8. Malaysia’s only boutique cinema which is also known as GSC Cine,a. Home to the 3D and THX sound system. Has one Gold Class hall. But only got 2 outlet in whole Malaysia TGV is most value for money.

FREE Birthday Movie Ticket from TGV, GSC & MBO – Freebies MY

Only one walkway in the middle with seats to the left and right. GSC on the other hand are mostly normal and couple only, but got exception in the form of “D-Box” seats in certain cinemas. Located on Level 4.