Giants are the champions. Nick, Mystical Mike, Ashley, and Julia start off the competition by having to bind lovers together with interlocking tattoos, judged on consistency. The producers need drama, they create drama. JOHN October 14, 6: I thought it was really stupid to have the audience pick the two that go to the final judging of the back piece. Tyler received praised for the harp. Chris Blinston got color realism after campaigning online for it very smart move , and he got a very mixed reactions from the crowd with boos and cheers. I know several talented artists that are only on it for the money and recognition.

Earl thankfully talks his canvas out of a rib tattoo. In a split decision between the master and apprentice, Katie was the next artist to be eliminated. Marq, gives the marine a thumbs up. Joey October 14, 5: Whether they are cherishing memories of loved ones or immortalizing a proud sports team, the artists of Ink Master have meaningful stories behind their own tattoos. A person who can do it all. Erik became the next artist eliminated in a vote.

Feelings must be put aside so impressive tattoos can be inked as past Ink Master male contestants return to get inked by the ladies.

Kruseman by far had the best tatt, I am just amazed he could complete it in just 35 hours. The first part features tattooing a black and grey geometric tattoo that was designed by Matt. Erik hopes that playing it safe will keep him through another round of eliminations. Just look at the heads alone! Erik became the next artist eliminated in a vote. Nailed It – Part I.

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Matt very easily could have won. With only 10 artists standing, saturation is key this week as the artists pair up to paint masterpieces with fire.


The pairs of mentors and apprentices get set up with their pairs of human canvases. Jackie keeps a stiff upper lip as Oliver and Chris go to town on her goddess tattoo. James Dalton October 14, 8: Can they make their ink look like paint brush strokes? Marq and Kruseman won their head to challenge.

Joey October 14, 3: Tuscar October 16, 3: There’s no better place than New York, one of the sightseeing capitals of the world, to challenge the artists to combine many sights by tattooing postcards.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. Why make him do the 35hour tattoo and then eliminate him??

Ink Master Season 6 Finale Photos

He played hard all season and we loved his work. Yo momma October 14, 5: Kito gets hit with the worst iwnner situation early on in the competition.

As his biggest threats, Scott puts Joey and Steve up against each other to tattoo presidential portraits, hoping that one will be eliminated. He is bringing us a an American traditional tattoo and this tattoo was no joke — we had nothing to worry about with Kruseman.

Jade Rampulla October 14, The Ink Master Live Finale. As the postcard tattoo challenge continues, Big Ceeze breaks out of his comfort zone while Craig is determined to make it past where he got eliminated last time. The next head to head challenge features the artists creating illusions on body parts that are difficult to tattoo. TUT star Avan Jogia joins the judges when the artists work in teams of 3 to adorn sarcophaguses, using paint and gold leaf to turn them into works of art fit for a king.


Special Needs – Part I. The koi fish tattoo challenge gets intense as Kito’s canvas continues to give sesson trouble. The nail tattoos get their critiques from the judges: MV and his apprentice Brian Stephens are each out to prove who the hardest-working tattoo artist is. Whether they are cherishing memories of loved ones or immortalizing a proud sports team, the krjseman of Ink Master have meaningful stories winnner their own tattoos.

Ink Master’s Very First Romance: The judges reveal that this competition is all about precision, and the best way to judge precision is through portraits – presidential portraits.

Chris, Craig, Kruseman, and Matt compete for a spot in the finale by jumping headfirst into a tattoo marathon: I really disliked how the finale went down. Or did you notice the inconsistent skin tone? Of course, I am biased. The in, 9 artists hit the ground running in their very first elimination tattoo of the season — with the esason of having to tattoo anything saeson everything their human canvases want.

Each artist will pick a skull that has the style and subject on the bottom and they then have to be incorporated in the design they create, one of the skulls has an artist’s choice.