Episode 12 Episode 11 Episode 10 Episode 9. ChildHatchling – Feb 7, Summer TV Zexcs. Retrieved April 18, Fujimi Shobo published 13 volumes under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint between November 25, and December 25, Retrieved August 10, After a school day that includes bumping into the most popular boy in school, the cold hearted Kurenai Gekkou, Taito and Haruka split ways as Taito heads home. Retrieved July 10,

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? She tells him that she will give him her poison and afterwards they will always be together, enticing him when he becomes frightened with comforting words. PV 2 play More videos Edit Synopsis Taito has been really sleepy lately, and keeps dreaming of a female vampire who says she has given him her “poison. Cross refuses to let Taito and the rest rescue her, saying that it’s now a military matter. A portal appears that supposedly leads to Tenma, and Gekkou and Mirai jump in. Retrieved July 10,

The group finishes the night with fireworks, where Haruka confesses her feelings to Taito. Kamisama Dolls – Tuesday at Tenma gives him the power to stop Ramiel in exchange that they would not interfere with his “underlings”.

One of the spellbreakers appears to Saitohimea while she is alone and offers to release Haruka if she would surrender herself to them.

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She almost kills the two spellbreakers, but Taito asks that they just go home. However, due to a promise exchanged with a beautiful Vampire Most Ancient Sorcerer Saitohimea nine years ago which he has forgotten about, he is in fact no longer ordinary. Itsuia 6, 5: Haruka is actually an observer sent by tenka monsters on the other side of the moon. The group has arrived at a beach, which is meant to be an intensive training camp and even Izumi was invited to come.

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Taito wishes to become strong but only through his own power. Taito has recently been having a recurring dream concerning Saitohimea, although he is unable to remember her name. A guy dressed in a black suits enters the school and seems to be talking to a blue haired girl who suddenly just disappears.


Crunchyroll Announces Summer Simulcasts. By this point, Taito has realized that not only are his most recent injuries healed, but his previous leg injury is also healed. She promised to give them her knowledge about the Tenma if they would destroy the observer personality, seal up Saitohimea and then return her other self back to Taito. Saitohimea offers to help Taito search for something helpful within the amount of information he was given, wherein Taito meets and forms a contract with Vishoub Eleranka.

The fight ends up with Cross threatening to kill Mirai and Gekkou bowing his head to Cross and asking him to spare her.

Haruka, who has been his friend and classmate since childhood is shocked. Jul 8, 1: Mirai reveals to Taito how she was forced to contract with Gekkou.

Subsequent to this, Saitohimea was experimented on and imprisoned in a dimension with no sound or light whatsoever, and Taito continued with his life as a normal human. Taito realizes his mistakes and runs back to be with Saitohimea. ChildHatchling – Feb 7, The spellbreakers end up joining the school. Retrieved October 2, Akai Yakusoku Jewelpet Twinkle: After a school day that includes bumping into the most popular boy in school, the cold hearted Kurenai Gekkou, Taito and Haruka split ways as Taito heads home.

The 13 new series include: Usgi Simulcasts Summer Series. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi: Taito and Gekkou then assault the school to open a gate to where the spellbreakers are. And so, Haruka decides to invite Taito to the public baths. As Taito frantically worries he suddenly remembers who the girl from his dream is, Saito Himea, the girl who enslaved him when he was younger and was taken away by a man who left Taito with no memories of Himea.


Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. Meanwhile Cross appears in the Student Council room to reveal that the military ueagi commissioned him to keep an eye on things.

Archived from aub original on August 10, Saitohimea gets possessed by the red liquid, which is revealed to be Bahlskra. The sky turns black, and the moon starts to glow while it starts to rain red liquid.

ComedySupernaturalRomanceEcchiVampire. Cross tests out their limits and announces that each of them should become powerful enough even to beat ancient dragons.

Archived from the original on October 1, Bliss is a spell that Saitohimea created when she was lonely a long, long time ago. Meanwhile, while they assault the school it is revealed that the observer personality of Haruka’s was the one who commissioned the spellbreakers. Summer TV Zexcs. Since Balhskra is gone, instead Bliss has taken over Saitohimea’s body. After the baths, Taito and the rest of the group jump into a portal and leaves the series in a cliffhanger.

This leads to a lot of tension due to the love triangle between Taito, Saitohimea and Haruka. Himea tells Taito they will be together forever while she clings to his arm.

Meanwhile, Saitohimea has almost dragged Taito out of the school before he apologizes that he can’t go on a date and excuses himself saying that he had some plans for the day.

Retrieved June 12, According to their website, Crunchyroll has announced their continuing and new simulcast titles. A portal appears that supposedly leads to Tenma, and Gekkou and Mirai jump in.

Iwanami, Yoshikazu Sound Director.