I have no idea why it is necessary for our novels to have an extremely beautiful heroine and an arrogant hero like Jehan. I am comparing both novels because the main protagonists of both stories had the army background with their fathers being labelled as traitors. Even if she was trying to copy Umera, there is nothing wrong with that as Umera I read this story extremely late even though I am usually up to date with these things. Apno ko tang krny ka maza hi alag hy islia Haya aur Jihan ak dosry ko bht tang krty thy. They were sure that saman you ll like it. Nov 24, Aqsa rated it liked it. Nimrah Ahmed-You are magical from one Potterhead to another-because you mentioned Harry potter four times in this novel. A very weird image of Islam was portrayed in this novel.

Published May by Ilm o Irfan first published March Firstly, the things admired me most: A highly recommended novel She comes back, cries and falls asleep. He was a total idiot. Also, I think the plot was unrealistic in many ways. Nov 06, Hina Tabassum rated it it was ok. She might be trying to write a thriller, but she failed in that as well.

At some point i get bored and get confused and regret why did i chose it but when i read it further i really get lost in the story and all the characters. This amazing piece of book is written by Nimra Ahmed which is, in pzttay, the sister of top selling author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed.

This book actually played a great role in the life of a friend of mine and she recommended this to me. Pttay Haya be able to get that video removed from the internet? Firstly, the things admired me most: Even some of the seasoned writers, names I will not mention here; are too vivid in describing the intimate moments.

Why isn’t Jihan real? Apno ko tang krny ka maza hi alag hy islia Haya aur Jihan ak dosry ko bht tang krty thy. P and boy was it a pleasure reading about him!


I felt veryyyyy irritated with their miscommunication on purpose: The story w What a wastage of time!

Novel – Jannat Kay Pattay Episode 11 by Nimra Ahmed – Read Online | Urdu Novels

This book also has the most typical villain called Waleed who tries to force himself on the beautiful heroine before she is saved by the hero because this is what every villain does. Wo Haya suleman hi kya jo aqal sy kam ly ly. I read this story extremely late even though I am usually up to date with these things.

I read that one slow for just 3 chapters and then I couldn’t stop at all! I believe with all my heart that a day will come when this book will be translated into Eppisode, and this book will rule the brains and heart of people outside Asia, too. Wait for sequel guys: I mean what was the author aiming at? Because keeping secrets is an art and not everyone knows it!

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Jannat Ke Pattay XI By Nimra Ahmed

Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: Another thing I like about the book, is that she does not conclude her story.

However, the novel becomes too preachy at one point and it felt rather sexist to continue a page narrative on that age old good girl vs. When you already suffered through the same pain then you can easily felt the pain of other person so i felt easily the pain of Haya. Jihan is so close to me as his habits are almost similar to mine. View all 6 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Published May by Ilm o Irfan first published March It was not joking when it hurt to the depths of her soul! Jannat ky patay idk from where to start but this novel is beyond my expectations.

Every person on this planet who can read urdu. A great great story i have never ever written such a long long review before i want to write more but i have to finished this i read this novel all the time even i stayed awake for this just to finish it.


I had quite long nails when i started reading this book but that curiosity made me bite my nails even that skin too. I enjoyed it beyond my expectations. The life of LLB Hons student Haya Suleman took an interesting turn when she received scholarship to study a five-month semester at a university in Turkey, but the circumstances became grave when someone leaked a private video of her made at a party on the internet.

Plot was so unrealistic that it made me feel a bit better about Dan Brown’s books.

This book came in my life like a hurricane and diminished my sleep, my hunger, my extra-curricular activities, my life, my every single thing, not in a creepy way.

Best of all, I like how her lead couple interact with each other.

Jannat Ke Pattay XI By Nimra Ahmed | Read Urdu Novels Online

No fantasy or thrillers. They like the amalgam of romanticism and Islam.

Turkish language, their trends and traditions were worth reading. But since Hanif Muhammed was himself in Airforce and have seen that life so I found his peisode more realistic, relatable and believable.

There are times when girls do get in trouble and they should take their family in confidence esp. There were many good Islamic lessons for us women here and I loved Haya grow into them and adopt a completely different lifestyle all the while figuring out the mess jannnat was trapped in.

Nae is story ko swap kro ma teacher hun ge aur tum student aur tum sab sy zayada dant mjh sy khao gy deal done kro.