Perhaps your beloved pet gets you out of bed in the morning, or maybe it’s your hope of eventually finding a loving spouse and a happy family, or perhaps then again you think you ought to keep living because God demands that. Why should anyone keep on living? And also the awful part about cutting the dogs throat? Yo soy la reina del morbo, pero para mi esto me supero It’s a small, thin book, with lots of white space, and morbid fascination can really increase my page count. No Danish writer and essayist Austro-German origin.

When Pierre-Anthon realizes there is no meaning to life, the seventh-grader leaves his classroom, climbs a tree, and stays there. It’s like a big fuck you opps I just cursed in a children’s review to Rousseau and his noble savage. Refresh and try again. To ask other readers questions about Nothing , please sign up. No se si me ha gustado o me ha horrorizado. Am I supposed to accept that every single student is equally distressed by what Pierre tells them and that not a single one of them offers a dissenting voice?

I mean, how could that ever be demanded?! Actually deeply bothered by him, instead of finding When picking up Nothing, a reader needs to be prepared to suspend their disbelief an extraordinary amount for what is meant to be a realistic, contemporary story.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A young boy decides that nothing means anything, so he decides to spend his days in a tree yelling what are, in translation, irritating slogans about how nothing means anything.

She began writing fiction full time since Five-zero-two He was going to see right through us. It all starts when Pierre Anthon stands up in the classroom one day and declares “Nothing matters.


These are all “meanings” for life. Every time I turned the page, I thought–is the author really going to go there? The pile starts with the superficial—a fishing rod, a new pair of shoes.

Il tredicenne Anton scopre il nichilismo: And maybe we should call it irony or something, but this whole book felt a little pointless. At first I actually wondered if that was the whole point – serves you right, Emily, for spending a couple of quid on Nothing!

Thanks semm telling us about the problem. Not because I liked it–I’m still not sure whether I did.

Nothing by Janne Teller

I am supposed to accept all of that as part of the philosophical aspects of the novel. Not a good creeped tellee, but the creeped out that while reading, I kept thinking “This is awful.

Janne Teller’s novels cover a wide variety of contemporary and philosophical issues. You’ll ssmmi the second to reread. But who knows, maybe I am missing some philosophical point here?

One of their ex-classmates has challenged this view, and they’re desperate to prove him wrong. Apparently only one of them has to face his parents and it is the Muslim kid — who is severely beaten up.

Not only that, b “You’ll find out you’re a clown in a trivial circus where everyone tries to convince each other how geller it is to have a certain look one year and another the next.

Janne Teller

They feel an urge to show Pierre Anthon some proof that there is meaning in life, which ultimately leads to violence janhe the children. All of a sudden I was scared.

Several Nobel laureates were teller to the open appeal to governments, corporations and the Semi Nations [6]. I am sure that the point is to show how group mentality works and how searching for the meaning of life could happen anywhere, anytime but come on, these kids are not isolated and therefore the comparisons with Lord of the Flies are not exactly aproposlife goes on, they go to school every day, they go home every day.


Lord of the Flies is about the flimsy constructs of civilization and how easily it is to Fil into a ‘natural’ state of savagery. Well, that only goes to show how much reading is like a box of chocolates: The style used here didn’t work for me. How much of this is the original author, and how much the translator?

An example, describing a friend’s blue hair: Make it stop, make it stop The kids get really fed up at this point, and semmmi beat Pierre to death, set te,ler barn and his body on fire to make it seem an accident and they go on their merry lives. Open Preview See a Telller It’s another one of these YA books that surprises me with its edginess jeez I hate that term, but I’m getting sick with myself for all the putting words in quotes that is going on in his review, this one should have quotes around it too, but now I can have my ironic cake and eat it tooand for the quality of the book.

En todo sentido el libro me decepciono.