Sarah, Rachel, Kevin, and Omar go sightseeing throughout the city. Chaos consumes the cavern as more monsters attack and everyone scatters. The characters were okay. Sarah would rather figuratively let down her hair and literally go down on Kevin in a bar bathroom. The plot of Jeruzalem is rather simple. Save yourself the time and the headache, avoid this piece of crap film at all costs.

And even after the movie we know so little about what actually happened. I had no sympathy for her the entire movie, especially when she insisted everyone stop heading to safety so she could rescue a guy she had just met. TV 4 days ago. The apocalypse movie This Is The End obviously inspired the script writer in this movie. The apocalypse starting, demons attacking, the dead rising. For good measure, swarthy locals in the supporting cast and a foreign hostel providing shelter tip a cap to Eli Roth.

From the start, we could feel the storyline was forced with the intro and the numerous signs that announced Jerusalem was going down with a boom. But then again, if you didn’t have characters do stupid things, would we have a movie? This page was last edited on 2 Februaryat Tomer moves to execute her, but Omar stops him at gunpoint.

A bit too much of sightseeing and partying going on in the beginning but once the attack starts it’s okay. As a confirmed horror fan I can safely say I’ve seen hundreds if not more films of the genre,and believe me when I say I’ve seen some stinkers and this one is right up there. Kevin introduces Sarah and Rachel to his friend Omar, who runs the hostel in Jerusalem with his father Fauzi.

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This could have been a great movie. Omar killing himself pretty pointlessthe soldiers NOT shooting the demons, psycho-David hiding under a table Until a good portion of the movie is over we learn absolutely nothing of interest to the main plot. Two girls go on vacation in Jeruzalem. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from March All articles needing rewrite Articles to be expanded from February All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.


Watch at your own waste of time and don’t say I didn’t warn you. So where did it go wrong? It’s all filmed from the smartglasses from one of the girls. When they visit the Western WallSarah wishes for her recently dead brother Joel to return. The Paz Brothers have studied up on the horrific high points of first-person films and find effective ways to hit similar beats in their own story.

On their way to the hostel, they meet a local who believes that he is King David. The pace of the movie is bit slow.

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If you can overlook the flaws there is a decent horror movie in there somewhere Doron Paz featured jeruZalem Yoav Paz. Upon landing in Israel, Kevin convinces the girls to change their plans and join him in Jerusalem. Connect with Culture Crypt.

For good measure, swarthy locals in the supporting cast and a foreign hostel providing shelter tip a cap to Eli Roth. Otherwise, don’t regret it like I did, and find another movie.

The acting is annoying with countless stupid attitudes and situations. Fighter planes pass overhead as explosions start rocking the city. Keeping you best friend around who is infected and undead even after she looks like a demon As mentioned in other reviews the shots of the city are excellent and I found the film to be well paced.


But I am not sure there is sequel or not. Jeruzalem is a kind of found footage flick were things go awfully wrong when the underworld breaks free in Jeruzalem.

In the hostel they meet Omar Tom Graziani and his father Fauzi, who run the hostel. Audible Download Audio Books. The discussion page may contain suggestions.

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She turns into a demon zpoilers flies into the air, while Kevin looks on in horror. Retrieved 5 July I believe if they would have just killed off Sarah at the beginning of the movie, then things would have been alright.

Also, can found footage horror films stop doing that thing where the audio and video cut in and out intermittently when so much as gently ieruzalem We might see it clearly but the green coloring is hardly flattering. If some find it too high, tough, and Buhuhu, I got pretty much all I expect from a horror. She also meets the man who claims to be King David, who reveals himself to be the son of the possessed woman who was killed in From dear old dad, Sarah has movle received a swanky new Google Glass headset, which is already a perfect birthday gift for her girlfriend getaway in Tel Aviv with gal pal Rachel.

There are other aspects as well but I won’t list them.