Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Teletoon from 2 May Dubbing: As Catherine makes her fantastic parfait, Ruby is making cookies. Sanrio Sega Sammy Holdings. The prize is that three of any wish they want will be granted. And if they tell anybody the secret, they both turn into toads.

Akari can’t seem to get her mind off of it though and she ponders why he looks so much like Yuuma while Miria feeling jealous of Akari’s powers takes some powerful potion from the laboratory for the next time she runs into Alma. For the last orb they both have the same idea and summon up spirits to try to get the orb into the slot. Ruby manages to break Akari free and they transform and head off to find Alma and Yuuma but encounter some trouble. Alma takes Yuuma to Jewel Land where the battest is hidden. Takashi Yamamoto Series Composition: In the end no matter how useful they are they still need to go back and through a careless question the Headmaster asks them things get a little out of hand and the Headmaster ends up reaping what he sows. Upon arriving Akari meets the fashionably cute Miria and the prince-like Leon who teaches her about the jewel stones and the grand-pri.

Once back Akari and Yuuma discuss the days events and Yuuma tells Akari that he is sure to jewdlpet Alma again one day and when he does he will surely understand her.

Jewel Pet Tinkle Episode 53

Just as Alma was about to send the orb into the statue Sara tries to analyze it but it’s too strong and the magic circle ends up breaking and the orb lands in the statue. Yann Pichon as Toor Yuma.

But they also found out that the Mushroom people were in a big argument and they need to reunite them. Though by using them to seal battest they are informed that their Jewelstones will disappear and after pondering over it for a bit they all decide to go through with it and seal battest away once more losing jeewlpet Jewelstones.


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They run into all sorts of trouble and even with the Magical Angels. However she refuses due to her needing to manage the flower shop along with their mother, Fealina. Yui Horie as Celine Bright ep Rei Matsuzaki as Catherine. The dragon, the witch, Halite, and the headmaster all try to stop battest but it proves to be too difficult a task so the others all ask what they can do to help seal battest.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She can’t decide what to use it on. Katsuaki Kamata Hewelpet Igarashi.

Hisako Kanamoto as Judy ep 8. Soon, it was Nicola and Leon’s turn. Akari later fpisode Yuuma that she met Alma and she looked well but doesn’t tell him about battest.

Leon and the others decide to retrieve the pearl and end up being chased into a cave by dragons while Kohaku gets dragged off by one of the dragons.

But things goes out of proportions as Labra went with him to search for the said item and even worse, cause a big commotion in the Winston Academy. Tomomi Fujita as Riru.

Retrieved from ” https: The last exams in the magical academy will start soon as the Jewel Star Grand Prix is about to begin. Hiroshi Shimozaki as Moldavite. Jewelpet Universe Jewel Pod. Akari finds out there’s a mirror jewelpt can tell anything but it’s inside the old school building which nobody is allowed to go in.

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Katsumi Hasegawa 5 episodes eps 9, 18, 21, 32, This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story has held up in They all decided to spend the commemoration day with Alma and Akari as she wholefully agrees with glee.


She gives Akari her staff and tells her to use it to reveal the truth to Alma and Yuuma. Midori Takahashi as Marie Sakura. Yuko Tsumori Digital Paint: She runs into a girl named Judy who is also practicing the Rangula spell after messing up and later learns that she has been given the duty of ringing the school bells.

I’m back from Europe, I’m still kinda tired, and I missed a lot of gaming news that happened last week when it happened. However Labula is missing and Ruby and Akari begin looking for her. Nozomi Sasaki as Avenue Io ep 5. The next day she shows her class same image of her father she showed them before explaining that this is how he looks on a Sunday and how much she loves him.

She later informs Akari that she’s decided to go for the Jewelstar because she has learned that not everyone is good at first. Akari is unsure whether she should attend the magic academy and consults Ruby about it but is interrupted by her sister’s arrival.

Miria tries to impress everyone by summoning up tons of them but they run amuck. Later at the school the Jewelpets notice their partners Jewelstones sparkling brighter than ever before inside their heart and with a little help from Jewelina they are able to give their partners their Jewelstones back because Jewelstones come from within their hearts and they will never truly disappear.