So I started putting everything into a pulpish, film noir convention and I felt very at home with that because it was the sort of film I liked watching anyway. The resultant scrambling of impressions was often hallucinatory in effect. What emerges is as much a juxtaposition of times and places as sights and sounds. You may also like: But with a touch of glamour as well. So there was no real mystery about it, Cabaret Voltaire had always been as much influenced by cinema as they were by music so we were always out at the local art house checking out Fellini or Bunuel or Warhol.

I wanted to do something very different from the typical. Also the camera I bought was designed to take a really wide angled lens which was a really important factor. I think when people were confronted by Cabaret Voltaire in the mids, then it was bound to upset a few of them, and as far as we were concerned that was a good thing. I had it mastered onto digital tape here in Los Angeles. Some of it did. The low budget, DIY film making, from no less, has a cool effect in my opinion.

Johnny YesNo Jack Elliot steps out of the shadows – masculine in suit, cold-sweating under neon, bathed in deep vein crimson – a matinee idol in the underworld, sculptured features picked out by the harsh blue lights of A Punch Bowl Inn. The disorientating, dubby, industrial, electronic music was such a perfect fit for the hallucinatory piece of celluloid however that he contacted the band to ask them if they wanted to contribute to the project and when they agreed out-takes from the film were re-edited with more Cabs music to form several short films to accompany the main feature.

New Errant Monks Video Sdvig! Comparisons to Blue Velvet feel obvious, what with all the nightmarish dead-ends, shattered innocence, and classic Americana iconography twisted into something hellish, but this actually predates Lynch’s gem by a good five years.

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Hit this link to find out more and keep on Black Sky Thinking. You may also like: I knew there was going to johnyn no way of storing the HD yfsno on the hard drives of a team of editors working for free. Peter Care and Richard H Kirk got back in touch with each other a few years ago and started work on Johnny YesNo Redux a new version of the film shot in LA, complete with yessno shorts and a totally remixed soundtrack.


Thank you, your sign-up request was successful! Support The Quietus Make a Contribution. Dirty little dives where you never see the light of day. We just thought that it would be great to remix some of the music and remake some of the films. The idea of a woman who has two identities, one disguised within another comes from Vertigo. The person who helped me was a guy called Tony Hill who was an experimental film maker who was very good at making camera rigs.

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An impressively done little bit of neon-soaked nightmare noir. At the time I had a writing partner Debbie Smith and she was part of the Sheffield feminist performance art scene and she was at the art school.

It ws a lot about people being trapped; people being paranoid. I went away and started remixing the music in about and I finished it by March and sent all the music out to Peter in Los Angeles who then started on the re-shoots.

Then he tells the story of two of his women, the sweet cocktail waitress Lorraine and the beautiful femme fatale and girl of fulm dreams, Jude Calvert-Toulminnot realising they are one and the same. Both forms are redolent of how cheap porn is and was made. The characters were drawn from very simple psychological archetypes.

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Ironically the quality of the music on the half inch video was far superior to the sound on the film. It was a cottage industry initially. Full of squares and creeps; the people on the make. The titles of the cues on the soundtrack album give an idea of the mood of dread paranoia: But now news breaks that Mute Films are finally due to issue Johnny Yesno on DVD this summer, as part of a box set that will also include additional footage, a new edition of that original soundtrack album, plus notes by author and Wire contributor Ken Hollings who introduced a rare screening of the film in April at the Sensoria festival in Sheffield.


But is this really the end? Info About The Quietus Facebook. There was a party in these flats in Sheffield which are being redeveloped and the bottom floor was turned into this warehouse party. Some of this can be glimpsed in a four minute redux mix of the film that was posted on YouTube last October but which to date has racked up less than views.

It gets rid of the top and the bottom of the frequencies, so leaving that optical print the way it was, was just a necessity but I wish I could have been able to remaster the soundtrack.

Well, no one threw anything at us anymore. I had it mastered onto digital tape here in Los Angeles. But yedno funny thing was that we were in this Ballardian, high rise space and when I put the track ‘Premonition’ on — which has this dystopian, spoken word intro and all the security guards ran into the hall. I just decided to leave it the way it was.

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Please try again later. Tony Herrington 04 10 Tags: The sound quality was really quite appalling. I like the look of it though. We decided to start putting out records as well, thinking that this would finance the making of more videos which would compliment the video releases.

Doesn’t go anywhere, really, yyesno it looks good for what it is.

For the extremely slow off the mark – this piece contains spoilers. The end of Get Carter for example. There was just no way I was able to get all yseno individual elements after over 30 years though. And to me it was almost like a logical extension.

That you could tell a really gripping story with a tiny amount of sets being built and locations and days for shooting.