But Jai says that he likes all the persons, who works in the office. Further, Jai tells Aditi that he will not let Anna go until his health gets normal. Further, Aditi gets surprised when she sees Jai on a bike. The Marathi industry’s stars put the best foot forward and dazzled with their trophies. The singer got candid about his likes and dislikes on the red carpet of Maharashtracha Favourite Kon. Later, Aditi goes for an interview but there she gets ill treated by the interviewer.

Further, Nandini speaks to Tiliotamma about Avinash mother’s nice behavior. Weekend Binge Make your weekend a blockbuster with the latest Bollywood… Drama. Jai feels relieved because of the money which he has paid back to his brother. Jai tells Jui that the company should get a good response for the Kashmir tour package they have made. So when on one hand, at home they are a much-in-love married couple, in office they are no more than colleagues. Aditi’s landlady forces her to eat dinner, but she refuses.

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Swati along with her husband, Suhas comes to Jai’s office, and starts talking about the discount which they might get on their tour package. Jai, while he is teaching some tips of how to bargain in the market to Aditi, suddenly Tangde arrives there. Ka Re Durava – Episode 64 – October 29, But later, he tells her that he was making fun of her.

On the other hand, Avinash praises Aditi for her ocgober convincing skills. Jai 27yh Aditi about her father’s presence in the same restaurant, where he had dinner with Rajani.


Rajani comes to Jai and tells him to come along with her for an outing, octobber he refuses to come. Overview Ka Re Durava is a Marathi drama series.

He also feel good after giving money to his father too. The actress Isha Keskar who plays this episdoe will make you feel confident in your own skin.

After sometime, Aditi’s sister-in-law sees her in formal attire, which makes her feel surprised. Later, when Swati starts arguing with Tangde, suddenly Jai arrives. Ka Re Durava – Episode 80 – November 17, Manmarziyaan Manmarziyaan is a Hindi romantic movie starring Taapsee… Romance. Ka Re Durava – Episode 68 – November 3, She takes Jai to the office octtober and thanks him for helping her in gaining confidence to speak to her lover.

Meanwhile, Aditi suggests Jai to live in his father’s house for some days, but he tells that Tangde might create problems for them.

Watch this entire ,a to know more. Meanwhile, when the accountant of the company says that Jai and Aditi’s phone numbers have only a difference of one digit, both get worried. Later, Jai calls Shobha and tells her that Aditi will come to her house in the morning.

Jai says that he is been worried because of his father’s ill health and weakness.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 67 – November 1, During this, Naina takes Jai to the cafeteria for lunch. Aditi’s landlady forces her to eat dinner, but she refuses. Ka Duraava Durava – Episode 70 – November 5, Radhika agrees to come face-to-face with Shanaya on the show. Aditi discuss with Jai about their job risk. Later, Aditi octtober shocked, when she sees Tangde at her house. Durgadas is disappointed seeing Akbar’s addiction.


Ka Re Durava – Episode 61 – October 25, 2014

He tries to avoid it, but she still takes him to the restaurant. Ka Re Durava Season 1. But she fulo him not to say anybody about their conversation. Jai says that they will have to be careful in future regarding their job. But Shobha speaks up and tells Anna to go alone to meet Sada.

Jai tells her to open the gift but she feel tensed because of such gift. Meanwhile, Isha denies giving her signatures on the document to fire 50 employees. Ka Re Durava – Episode 66 – October 31, Ka Re Durava – Episode 85 – November 22, Ka Re Durava – Episodes Aditi gets angry when Jai informs her about his candle light dinner with Rajani.