Her creature growled in response, flying at the creature that attacked her partner. A loud sound from the right caused her to swerve a bit. Meanwhile, a duel ensues between The Choten whose real name is revealed to be August and Saguru at the time when the Choten Minions are stealing boats. While trying to teach Carny a lesson following an incident at a parent-teacher conference, Ray and Tatsurion the Unchained find themselves stuck in the Fire Civilization with Carny and they must work together find their way back to Earth while evading Lord Skycusher’s bounty hunters Blastforge Slavetrader and Burnclaw the Relentless. When Headstrong Wanderer is kidnapped by Moorna under Lord Skycrusher’s orders and Alakshmi’s control, Tatsurion the Unchained goes on a rescue mission to save his mother, Headstrong Wanderer, and, with Ray’s help, must deal with Moorna and Brutalus who were responsible for the large bounty on him , the former of whom wanting revenge on him, the latter letting him, Ray, and his mother go. She looked around only to see that a large, white van was now behind her.

The kids bring together 4 unlikely heroes consisting of Gregoria, Lord Skycrusher, Piercing Seer, and Sasha and all Creature “friends” in an attempt to protect the peace. Ray goes with his grandfather to Japan where he learns the full details of his family’s history. The duelists travel to the Nature Civilization to stop an out of control plant growth on both sides of The Veil. It premiered on June 2, , and a first 3-part, half hour, back-to-back episode sneak preview was shown on May 5, Meanwhile, Gabe, Master Chavez, and Gargle try to find a way to get out of Midnight Crawler and find a way to prevent it from eating more of the Quillspike Tribe’s land. During this time, Ray ends up making a discovery about Carny’s dad Alex where it turns out that Alex is one of Choten’s benefactors and even learns more about Tatsurion the Unchained’s father Napalmian the Conquering.

Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters S1 E6 PART 1

In order to do so successfully, they must gather Infernus the Immolator, King Tritonus, Almighty Colossus, Eternal Haven, and Queen Kalima together in the Null Zone and hold a “summit” among them to stop the rising war.


Factory began releasing the series in December As the Choten plans to make another attempt to claim the Monarch’s Artifacts, Ray must learn not to let the fire within him consume him following the Choten’s trick that involved the Spell of Liquid Compulsion. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She heard the call end and she sighed with relief. During the production of this episode, Andrew R. Ray and his pals help Master Kimora probe some mysterious disappearances occurring in Mighty Shouter’s tribe.

She closed mastes veil and turned on her earpiece. Nothing seriously bad could happen in forty-five minutes. Your review has been posted. Now Gabe is put to the ultimate test to keep his brothers from getting attacked by Impalicus before they see it.

This is a list of episodes for Kaijudoan American animated television series created by Hasbro Studios. Ray ends up encountering the Light Mystic where he is given a choice that revolves around saving San Campion or his father since the Spell of Radiant Purification can only be cast once.

Ray and Kainudo seek to rescue Alakshmi from the volcano warship while reclaiming Bob’s weapons and instigating a slave revolt.

Duel Masters Episode 46 [Full Episode]

While there, Ray also searches for the Mystic who might be able to give him the healing spell he has kaijjdo looking for when Homunculon starts to slowly take over Saguru’s mind. At the same time, Alakshmi trains Carny to masteds like her. The Choten agrees to hand amsters a certain antidote to Ray if he is willing to give him a magical spell from the Water Mystic called the Spell of Liquid Compulsion.

He later encounters a creature called Sniper Mosquito that gets larger from the mana that risr absorbed. A rapids lurker charged her from some trees, forcing the duel master to quickly raise her shield to avoid getting knocked out.

Tatsurion invokes his right to trial by combat and Ray and Allie are his opponents. While investigating the incident with the Stalker Spheres not relaying anything to Panopter, Ray, Allie, and Bob discover that Master Nigel is behind the tampering of the Stalker Spheres. She whipped her head around just in time to see a large object sailing at her.


Allie has a sleepover to ease the tension among her friends, but Alakshmi crashes the sleepover with Gorgeon, Shadow of Gluttony. The kids must track and banish a small creature called Blaze Belcher back to its realm. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Following the incident at the bank, Master Jaha, Master Chavez, and Master Nadia leads an expedition to the Darkness Civilization to rescue Allie’s father and endures multiple attacks.

Meanwhile, Alakshmi attempts an unconventional method to free her “Sensei” from her mana-dampening armor following their escape from the Fire Civilization as Alakshmi plans to get revenge on The Choten. Note- This takes place in between “Like father, like son” and “Unbearable being of Lightness” Part 1 “Have you found the creature yet?

Robinson ended up voice directing this episode instead of Jamie Thomason. The leather literally saved her skin. Nadia summoned her partner creature, Aqua Chaser Rusalka, and set out to find the creature.

Tatsurion the Unchained evolves into Evo Fury Tatsurion and grows wings.

Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters S1 E6 PART 1 – video dailymotion

I’ll be back in less than forty-five minutes. While training with Ray, Lucy teaches him about non-violent resistance as Megaria takes advantage of Allie’s condition. One of the masters goes missing and the other masters believe it to be an accident, but the kids episodw thinking more along the lines of foul play.