What can I say komiser? Did something happen, baba? They said he was stabbed. Video contains spam Video has disturbing content. Did you go in, Mahir? I will ask you one time, Mahir. Got a YouTube account? Video was deactivated by our moderator.

But if you ask me, it was that tall guy who did it, his name is Mahir or something like that. My request from you is that you participate in the wedding. He did not even look at my face. I was shocked when I first heard about it. I did not understand what happened? Haydi, get us some coffee. But he told you that he did not go in, that he turned away at the door, right? Her voice will always tremble as she explains to our children.

I will ask you one time, Mahir. I take care of the rooms. There was not anyone that came in or came out.

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Can you bring some water please? Why are you saying that efendim.

Don’t take your shoes off you go ahead. Let us drink the coffee and I will tell you the good news.


Do not smile at me like that. They said they will question him as a suspect in the crime. Who did kafadayi try to kill? For sure it is him who did it. I made a mistake by coming here, and thinking of you as a father. Besides, I do not think it will be difficult to do at all. He is going through surgery right now.

I rely on you in every matter. She is a young girl.

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Vallah, I also do not understand. The only thing you witnessed is that he spoke to someone on the phone. Call the next one in. What did Mahir say?

Whoever loves the rose tolerates its thorns, Kemal efendi. It looks like she fainted. Let us see if you know. His statement was in that direction. I will talk to him now and ask him to give his statement right away. You were talking to Adnan bey and I was coming up and you suddenly lost consciousness. Any one that has an strife with Sinan bey? Did you see Mahir Kara as he was going into the room? The Ambulance took him to the hospital, Komiserim.



And right when the police goes and raids him, the whole thing will be over. They said no one came to visit Sinan Bey. What fresh air is this?

I do not believe it. I am saying all these words, open up your mouth and say something. They told us to go to the scene of the crime now. I would like to meet with him if he is available.

When the secretary came to his office preparing the papers for the afternoon meeting at Minister bey, did they find the aggressor? Every day there is an incident here. As soon as he certifies what Mahir said, that he was with him at the time of the incident, then this misunderstanding will be over and they will let him go. Adnan bey, I asked you a question.