He asks the children to drink as well. Ranvir, Rano and Jai wonder what to do. He throws Pronita out of the house. Bani gets shocked as Jai does not confront Jigyasa. She slaps him when he does not heed. Vidya offers to Gaurav to peddle drugs instead of Krishna. Ganga blames Pronita for ruining her life. Jigyasa tries to intervene, but Ranvir tells her to stay away.

Bani refrains herself from wearing the vermillion and mangalsutra. The burqa clad person renders Bani unconscious in the lift. She dances in the party. Jigyasa is angry that her plan failed. Ganga tells Vicky that she blindly loves Meera more than her own mother. Krishna is shocked and feels betrayed. The doctor tells Jai and Bani that the only other way to save Ganga is through the bone marrow of her own siblings. Bani tells Rashi that the papers which she showed Ranvir are fake.

Jai tells Bani not to give up hope. But Ganga is unable to see Episoe face as she has a veil on her face. He goes to Jai’s place. Anu informs them that her baby is missing. Everyone is worried by his absence. Jai and she then wonder how she knows. A furious Jai informs Meera that Rahul’s parents have rejected Ganga because the horoscopes do not match.

But Jai defends Pushkar. She makes Deb and Bani hold hands.


Bani gets shocked as Jai does not confront Jigyasa. Rano assures Bani that she too is willing to forget the past. Ganga tells Rishi that their married life will be miserable. Rano tells Jai that she lied to Bani not to save him but to save Bani from breaking down.

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She hated Bani and wanted to seek revenge from Bani for taking her brother away from her. Pia too recovers but has a partial memory loss. Aditya talks to Vicky and tells him that Ganga could not have done that.

Episoxe tells Pia that she knows how much Jai longs for a baby but she can’t fulfill his wish.

Guilt gnaws at Vicky’s conscience. Ganga leaves for the meeting and Mr.

Bani sees the file and comes to know that Maa has brain tumor. The doctor tells Jai and Bani that the only other way to save Ganga is through the bone marrow of her kasamy siblings. Rano tries to ask Raashi what was the matter but she avoids her. Bani is shattered and questions Jai about it.

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Meera tells Ganga kaswmh Rishi has come back at Pronita’s behest. Meera tells Bani and Jai that they should come together and have a child. Pia comes back to Mumbai and Rano slaps her for ruining Bani’s life. Bani hears their conversation and decides to kasamhh Abhilasha and her brother.


Rano barges into Bani’s room and drags Pia out. Bani gives Pia a surprise by calling Pushkar to Dubai. She calls out to Karuna but the latters walks away. Meera tells Pronita that she poisoned Ganga’s mind against her.

Ranvir, Rano and Jai wonder what to do. Jigyasa asks Veer to stop the charade, and both have a hearty laugh thinking about how they fooled the family.

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A furious Jai goes to kill her but Bani pleads him to let go of her. Grandma receives a letter inviting her kxsamh for the hospital’s annual charity function. The Mittals’ get impressed with Shonali. Bani suddenly recalls a burqa clad person taking her bracelet away at the hospital. Pushkar tries to console Bani wpisode asking her to face the situation boldly. Karuna tries to get friendly with Bani, but Maasi intervenes and takes.