The four friends then raced for the exit, and was helped by tiny Adu Du’s Multi-Monsters. Adu Du ordered Probe to steal all of BoBoiBoy’s fan letters and asked him to answer it rudely but instead, he and Computer answered it honestly expect rewinds of some clips of some episodes and some rather funny exchanges between Probe and Computer while Adu Du is shopping for new clothes. Terima Kasih sudah menonton. Nevertheless, Papa Zola and the Sleep Monster played a game of checkers while the others were stuck as the pieces. BoBoiBoy has just moved the house and helped Tok Aba stores that vend at. Makin penasaran aja ini sumpah, sayang harus nunggu lama ep Luna abdullah March 19, at 6: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Probe popped the bubble through a hole and they fell down into the hole. Any ways ive been thinking at james quilangs paragraph may be true Cuz look at the ending adu du or dudu is using boboibot to wreck the worl while the people has a huge big mistakes they thought that boboiboy is evil but not. BoBoiBoy walked into the house without thinking.. Jadi Boboiboy air ni, pasti ada karena dia terhibur sangat: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. MrMr Papa Zola has announced that there will be occupied Mathematics exam student 5 Honestly after the break.

List of BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episodes

Adu Du tricked BoBoiBoy by making him use fake goat milk that contains “X Solution” -a substance that can make human feelings unstable -as an ingredient for Yaya’s biscuits. Water, I hope you will come. Luna abdullah March 19, at 6: During BoBoiBoy fled the spaceship, without realised, there is something following him home. Want to create videos like this? While teachers and classmates BoBoiBoy except Fang was captured and taken bovoiboy.


When Tok Aba told BoBoiBoy to deliver the cans of cocoa to his customers, he separated into three to facilitate his work. Mejor Video-Wibi Wibowo 5 meses. I know where Adu Du’s going with this One last thing I like to point out how Even BBBot himself hasn’t shown his full potential.

BoBoiBoy started training to control his new powers.

Please help improve this list or discuss it on the talk page. However, they are interrupted by the name and the image appearing in the Wall Yaya success.

This is his trial now. Probe popped the bubble through a hole and they fell down into the hole. Patrisha Thegoodgirl March 19, kekanjutan 5: Views Read Edit View history. Adu Du to know about it through the Probe was posing as a student and entering 5th grade honest.

Probe maintain Adu Du from being shot by P. Then, both Ying and Yaya were trapped in the monster’s dream bubbles.

HOW CAN I BEAT THIS ROUND??? | Boboiboy: Bounce & Blast #22 – Movie Chapter 1 – Level

They come back to Earth and decide to go for a picnic on the next day. I didnt expect some of the scenes to happen, especially BoBoiBot’s behavior. Jahat betul tuh Adudu dan Boboibot. Background changed six months later in Sekolah Rendah Pulau Rintis. Hey there, Boboiboy fam! BoBoiBoy March 19, at Meanwhile, kelanjtuan about his defeat, Adu Du called Bago Go, a weapon vendor to buy illegal weapons. If you two make a combo, that would be the most awesome one.


A greater challenge means he needs greater power. Also, anyone else is getting bothered that Gopal still keep changing things to food even after seeing that he can change it to kelnjutan different things? Meanwhile, Adu Du vowed that he would return soon.

As a result, Probe died in the bosom of his own master. You are the only one that can change the situation now. I’m just ranting like any typical human being.

To go queue, BoBoiBoy sneak into the staff room to avoid Yaya, the watchdog said that keeping the school gates. Wonder Shine March 19, at 7: This page was last edited on 19 Januaryat He used his power too long and as a result, he suffered from a temporary memory lost.