Nov 30, More angelic songs, please. I liked the last episode well enough but this was terribly unoriginal and too neatly wrapped-up. Top 15 Anime Crossovers: Of course they borrowed some elements from the already finished Wish, but still.. As of episode 22, where the brave Ioriyogi-san fought for more time from Usyagi. The manga ended serialization in the August issue from Newtype published in July

Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission, so that he and his friends might return to their true forms. According to the official website, a Blu-ray box set of “Kobato. Sayaka said she’s planning to rebuild Yomogi Kindergarten, with Okiura’s help this time. Dunno if I’ll make it an 8 or a I absolutely loved reading this post! Some action, romance, super natural crazy events, and high school scenes.

This is because of kobsto second last candy from episode 23 and the last candy to fill the bottle, AKA Kobato’s wish, in this episode, I wonder how the manga ending will turn out I really wanted a less drama and sparkles ending.

Earnest Evans Wild Arms Solatorobo: Fujimoto acts weird for Doumoto, but cannot helped because kindergarten was destroyed 3 months ago. The Fafnir Knight Her wish is to go through time and space to find the one she likes Fujimoto look alike on the piano. Lissa Pattillo of Anime News Network finds that the manga “is a delightfully charismatic read that’s full of magic and mirth” and “evokes the charm of CLAMP’s shoujo series skill and has only just begun unraveling the mysteries of this likeable cast of characters”.


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I like it, despite the show’s numerous flaws and liberties. Monthly Sunday Gene-X Newtype – She said don’t be shocked at what she’s about to say. Chitose already made flyers to get people live in the empty room. Not like I epieode expecting much.

Kobato. Episode 24 Discussion

I think you are the only one who would say such rude comments. Archived from the original on Theron Martin sees that the anime version “is often quite funny, not always predictable, and provides a solid story hook for future developments”. She does remember about Kobato that’s obvious because she’s not human. But they have yet to make anything that deserves much praising.

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DraconisMarch All reviews 59 people found this review helpful. Retrieved October 19, Bundle 2 5 years ago. Now Kobato’s wish has been granted It sound konato bit like everything oppostive.

This was just an insult to the viewer though. Daily Duffy Archive 2 years ago.

I didn’t have much, but still. I absolutely loved reading this post! My Conquest is the Sea of Stars I mean it made it very adorable but it could have been a much better ending. The More the Merrier.


But i’m also sad it was “just” a love story, quite similar to Wish, because i think Kobato x Fujimoto relationship wasn’t developed enough I don’t remember seeing any.

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Clamp School Paranormal Investigators. Though I have to say, I thought it was epsode end with Kobato never remembering Fujimoto and having to go through all their relationship again which many animes seem to be doing these days, thus ruining the whole anime. I like the ending.

Subbee the sparkling lights at the end is the memory gained and returned to everyone who met Kobato and everything that had happened with her with them. That sound a bit weird of you, you are hoping it’d end good but still not want Kobato to return.

Kobato was basically WISH, only more annoying.

But as the story dragged on and they tried to pull the same stunts again and again, on top of pushing the Kobato-Fujimoto relationship, it became less and less interesting.