Principal Narunaru goes on a business trip, and Ms. Asako is getting ready to leave for London but Rei is not ready to give up his career for her. Tsuyoshi receives an anonymous gift. Due to an event that had happened when Akito was still causing trouble, Mami is scared of Akito, and Sana of course tries to fix this. Sana suggests going home to Japan. She decides to run away from home and stay with Naozumi for awhile how do her parents feel about this?

A chandelier almost fell on them and a huge truck almost ran them over. Riddles of Passing into Society Episode Sana and Tsuyoshi visit Akito’s mother’s grave with the Hayama family, which is also Akito’s Birthday. She then gets her heart broken. Riho learns from Rei why Sana had trouble saying “devil” and she tells Naozumi. Akito’s reaction surprises and angers Sana even more. She decides to run away from home and stay with Naozumi for awhile how do her parents feel about this? It’s the first day of middle school, and Sana meets a new girl, Fuka, in the bathroom.

Another unfortunate fact is that it’s hard to find the second dnglish. He talks to Sana asking her how she feels about Akito. When she is found she and Sana have a talk. Should We Go Home or Not? During the Quiz Show, Babbit is having fun at Sana’s expense. Misako learns something about Takeshi.

She goes haywire and it’s up to Sana to save the day. What do they talk about? Meanwhile, Sana struggles to deal with the pain of her injury while filming.


She invites a lot of them. She sees the look in his eyes this time and realizes that he is serious. In part one Hayama’s father builds a robot mother, who then proceeds to ruin Tokyo. He decides to go for revenge.

Akito comes in through the window and they start talking to each other. Sana doesn’t have anymore jobs and takes a break. Akito begins studying karate, but isn’t happy with his first lessons.

Sana escapes the office but Akito follows her. Sana Kurata, child actress, first-year middle school student.

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They send her a message card. Fuka tells Akito not to come anymore, and that rpisode wants to break up with him. The Sudden Appearance of a Mother Episode She runs fpisode from the apartment to be alone. With how old this anime is, the Japanese-only part 2 has been lost in time. Sana and Naozumi leave for New York City to star in ‘Endless Summer’ which they’re chosen to act in Broadway musical together telling no one there going.

Sana continues to confront Akito, and the girls in the class join her.

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Sana and Naozumi are returning to Japan, on the plane. When she tries to defend her teacher, he ignores kodochx, and Sana gets really mad. She tells him that it’s over between them because he is still in love with Sana. When Naozumi finds out why she wouldn’t say “Devil”, how does he feel?

Don’t Believe in Rumors Episode Abuse of the TV. Tsuyoshi misses school one day, and Akito and Sana get together to help their friend. What are his intentions with that money?


There she meets Akito Hayama who is known for causing havoc within their class. How does this affect Akito?

Akito stresses about trying to buy a gift for Sana, and Sana stresses about a job. That night the press is interviewing Naozumi at a conference, and asks whether he and Sana were dating each other. Sana meets her biological mother and her half-sister. When Sana Returns, she is welcomed by all her friends. Naozumi reveals the facts about his relationship with Sana on live broadcast, and how the person Sana really likes was Akito. She goes over there to check things out. Gomi does some shoplifting, and then he runs away.

Sana wants to form a karate club for Akito’s sake. The school requirements for any club is 5 members plus a faculty adviser.

Media Arts DataBase in Japanese. Yuko’s chance to shine is gone.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: It’s Zenjiro’s birthday so Sana plans to hold a birthday party for him. The next day, on the way to the studio for rehearsal, Naozumi runs into this strange guy about to tell him something. But this time, he is serious.