Jerome Normand on the Best ways to use Technologies. In those days where everyone has the power to stand out more easily, share more quickly, and grow their network like never before, it’s more important than ever to think about yourself as a brand. You may think that personal branding is not for you? From that 2 days events where technology meets social needs or challenges, Franck NLEMBA initiated the Tech4Good Week in Montreal bringing together more than 30 different organizations from the tech world and the social world. Full Name Comment goes here. Djoss TV is an excellent company with a good business model that has already attracted more than 10, users and plans to expand to other countries such as Senegal, Ivory Coast and Niger. Social Innovation trends in Successfully reported this slideshow.

They are international experts who utilise new technology to give birth to economic and social changes. Published on Sep 22, Show related SlideShares at end. He then provided an inventory of Digital Marketing trends in Cameroon and in the world. Only when they left home did they realize how many more opportunities were available to youth in the West than those accessible to young people in Cameroon, their country of origin. In other words, how to do you transform your brand from a mere product into a lifestyle? Social Innovation trends in

Personal Branding, more important than ever – Kongossa Web Series – 2…

Are you sure you want to Yes No. Recruitment, Personal Branding Linkedin has breached million members recently. Personal Branding, more important than ever – Kongossa Web Series – 1.

He shared this simple schematic to help entrepreneurs to move their product from just another web face to a lifestyle guru. Izane stated that community managers should quickly get knowledge from what is done now and find content market fit that will work and get scale.


Ce site utilise des cookies. Why are KWS organized every 2 years? Online education offers a number of different opportunities. Based on his presentation, it was clear that the city of Garoua lacks of companies and experts with a technical background. No notes for slide. That realization led them to reposition their efforts on a worldwide scale, with the broader mission of effecting positive change across the globe.

How do you convert customers into community members? The web has become an indispensable support and it is important to know how to use it to enhance communication and and even find a job. This paved the way for the presentations of several entrepreneurs who already use the Internet to create jobs and opportunities in Africa. The first edition of the KWS Forum in montreal took place infeaturing several guest: The event, which is often serjes by related activities in other cities, focuses on themes that are important to KWS, such as: Why would you care about your own branding, you aren’t an actor nor the singer of an international rock band, no?

You just clipped your first slide! Africa Link enjoyed enormous success over the next two years, but the cofounders were increasingly aware of the globalization of social and economic challenges.

He also provided details on the gap between local expertise skills on digital marketing and companies needs. Our goal is to promote the Internet through education to build a new generation of tech entrepreneurs. Politique relative aux cookies.



konogssa We believe that the Internet is an amazing tool that can transform the daily life of Africans. That wrapped up an awesome session with really smart folks. Idriss talked about the fact that cyber-journalists must provide good content to improve their performance online.

Here, we discuss social innovation related topics.

Posts on swries profile were created by members of the Kongossa team. For him people need to back to the classroom to learn more about these new technics and strategies and they should be willing to pay the right price to benefit from the best training.

How kongowsa you attract the attention of recruiters when using the newer forms of technology at your disposal? She stated that Tech entrepreneurs should collaborate more with companies to generate sales.

For example she stated that:. KWS Montreal is an international forum which assembles the most reputable experts of Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and the Social Economy to deliver conferences and panels on the most important wb of today. The focus of this second edition was on the business model: Sereis, they were convinced that technology had the potential to help their fellow citizens address challenges spawned by significant social and cultural transformations.

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