He was almost home when shots rang out. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Moving left to right in the piece, there is one column for each day the project spans. Notify me of new posts via email. This is a very powerful visual representation of something we are used to hearing about simply as a statistic, if we hear about it at all. They will also find is the occasional scraps of red or yellow tape, RIPs scrawled on walls, piles of stuffed animals, impeccably arranged empty liquor bottles and a metal cross nailed to a tree. I thought that when I walked by, there would be an aura of sorts that would let me know that this was the spot, but that never happened.

And while there is no statistical line connecting our sweltering summer temperatures with an increase in homicides, many Chicagoans can provide anecdotal evidence. X overshot the location in hopes that the guy would lose sight of us and lose interest, but the more we circled the intersection, the more he chased after us and tried to flag us down. We create all these boxes so that we can stay out of it and not take responsibility for these problems. It was here that year-old Deandre Murphy’s car came to a stop after he was shot while driving a few blocks to the west. In my work, I seek to present or re-present this imagery in a way that disrupts the relationship we have to violence in visual media. What did that mean?

Soon after, Wortendyke began the project that would bring her attention and praise. After checking out the exhibition, we had a discussion about violence and “the broken window theory. By comparison, Wortendyke said local violence struck a chord in May when around the corner from her Ukrainian Village apartment, a man shot and killed his two adult sons, then himself. You are commenting using your WordPress. One described a shooting in Greektown of someone who was shot while it was snowing and apparently the feathers of his puffy jacket were flying in the air with the snow and it was so gorgeous and odd.

Killing Season Chicagoimage map of aeason sites. Her ongoing work examines violence through the lens of photography. We drove past one site 26 separate times before we found it quiet enough to photograph.


Weinberg/Newton Gallery | Artist Interview: Krista Wortendyke

Gallery visitors are usually trained in the language of art and make a deliberate decision to walk into a gallery to view a particular work. X would pull up and stop and I would photograph from inside the car. It was early January and it was snowing. They are not going to mess with the police for no gain and they mostly want to do their thing without any trouble or extra attention. For some, deathly so. The resulting physical piece is a foot long installation of the photographs against a caution-orange background placed in a chronological graph.

On May 5th ofa man killed himself and his two sons in his yard just a few blocks from our house in Chicago. Your Neighborhood Conflict piece is pretty interesting as well. What do wirtendyke view as the role of art and the artist in this conversation?

Since the recent influx of hispanic families into the area, there have been some issues with violence between the two groups. On view through Aug. As an artist, how do you see your role in relation worttendyke the subject?

Artwork on gun violence can’t keep up with Chicago’s shootings – Chicago Tribune

One of the main goals of the project from the beginning was to find an impactful way of demonstrating the reality of the overwhelming number of people killed in Chicago in a summer. Last year, I had a similar reaction when the piece was installed along seasoon Mega Mall in Logan Square. You are now entering a time machine that is going to take you back to the morning of May 5th Initially, I wanted to make a book of the photographs, thinking that the sheer thickness of the book would speak volumes about the problem.

Were you able wortensyke hear it? Through radio transmission, we hear a young man from the South Side of Chicago on the brink of adulthood as he navigates his neighborhood, family and friends and deals with the death of a classmate.

There were homicides within that time period wortendykw roughly 3 months.

Chicago artist Krista Wortendyke uses her camera to speak about Chicago violence

He was almost home when shots rang out. She was found shot near a church on 75th and Halsted. The city recorded 50 homicides in March, up from 22 homicides in March and 31 in March I thought that when I walked by, there would be an aura of sorts that would let me know that this was the spot, but that never happened.


We headed out, info in hand, at around 6 am to photograph roughly sites. As we approached the intersection, there was an immediate issue. It’s all through the media, which can be skewed. The work asks the viewer to come to their own conclusions and has proven to engage the public in thoughtful conversations about violence in Chicago and in our culture as a whole.

Her photographs are shot with a full depth of field, and everything in focus.

Artwork on gun violence can’t keep up with Chicago’s shootings

The location was on a major truck route and while I was photographing I found myself bound between the gated front of the store and the repeating metal patterns on the sides of the trucks in the right lane.

I left it but I still sort of wonder if it was a good idea. Chicago Breaking News Loading I also had some crazy things like gang slurs in the comments.

Krista is currently an adjunct professor of photography at Columbia College Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University. Weekly Features I struggle with presenting images of people that have been cruelly seaso in a way that devalues them as individuals for the sake of the larger ideology I am investigating.

Isaac Davis III, He knows he can protect himself and us from normal goings on, but not from someone that is acting irrationally, so he was extremely hesitant about stopping.

I push on that comfort with the placement of the work in unexpected places.