They tried to negotiate with the Chinese government. One man looks up and sees that the yard is under surveillance. One man sees the telescope aimed at the prison and prostrates. Look for a woinan who keeps her hands busy. If he picked right he was assumed to be the dalai lama. Lhamo runs to the Servant. To be born in a time when the Buddha has taught.

A Kashag Member is reading along as the message comes in. They run to lamas, grabbing at their robes, clutching, crying out: The funeral is very colorful and lavish. The cutters move in to the corpse, and as we hear them begin the work of dismembering the body, the view pans up to reveal the vultures circling overhead. The weather seems windy and cold. Four of the men are dressed as nobility, wearing red and gold silk. What the film doesn’t mention is that Tibet was invaded by a British expedition in , made a treaty with Britain two years later that prompted the war of with China, and allowed British agents to remain on its territory until the s.

He reads by flashlight. Let’s do away with some of this formality. He had been sick from the time you began growing in me.

Kundun: no giggles from this Dalai Lama

Tenzin Gyatso slowly sits, cross-legged, on the bare floor. Don’t cause too many problemswhen not necessary because people can end up hurt. We begin to hear the unique Tibetan music.


He looks like kovie monster to the child. He sees a house – a small, stone, one-story, u-shaped house. He nods to the boy. They shout, in loud stage whispers: Young monks can be seen, watching, from a greater distance.

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Kundun () movie script – Screenplays for You

We gave you the sweet drink. A grand procession carries the Dalai Lama from the Potala to his summer residence, the Norbulinka.

Her husband does not know. Reting blows his nose. He opens to the last page and looks at the impression made by the state seal. The drum and the bell he chooses quickly. He had to deal with the oracle.

Who do they say he is? When u resist it only causes destruction and war and a lot of lives lost. A pause, and then Tenzin Gyatso sits in front of the thangka of Penden Lhamo. Portrait of a mountain – Anye Machin II – twenty thousand feet high questipns slightly obscured by clouds.

All of the actors depicting Tibetan roles in ‘Kundun’ are Tibetan by ancestry. They tried to negotiate with the Chinese government. The men jump to their feet, and rush out from under the canopy. The Chinese government used propaganda claiming that Tibet needed help in modernizing to make the invasion look good. The Dalai Lama really didn’t like it at all. A baby kunudn coming.


The last person leaving the hilltop with is the Dalai Lama as an older man – not a character from this movie – but a man of about fifty years, wearing glasses, wearing the same robes, the qkestions rosary. The Father reluctantly gets up and gives his seat to Lhamo.

The Lord Chamberlain lifts a framed photograph of a bald, charismatic man, anv razor sharp eyebrows, pictured sitting on a throne. I demand a less formal meeting place.

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He does not want to leave his people to die or prosecution. A Bodyguard comes for them, and then, the Dalai Lama is outside the Potala walls. The Mother has been in the doorway, listening. They lived in small houses made of rock. Violence, non-violence, and help from other countries.

Finally, as Norbu Thundrup begins to gather up the tsampa- dough: He bestows a most beautiful smile on his family. A catchy introduction to your question Full Question Required. The tea is poured. Lhamo considers the request, then climbs onto the bed to study the objects.