We would hit up all the open mics and all the battle of the bands. I met him in Brooklyn at Southpaw. I was working with exiled soldiers. I really like that. The older you are, the longer you have been studying the craft. Andy Varness – February 24, They are a group of young people focused on collaborating in a real organic way.

Be about your friends. I just feel blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him. He saw that raw talent, and it really helped mold me into what I feel is the artist I am right now. DMX charged with 14 counts of tax fraud July 14, The musical content rises up. They had to be more imaginative and use some real funky twisted disco-style.

You know, I have to keep my rent paid and everything like that. Rappw I thought, maybe, I could do a record like ReEdutainment that could cross into that crowd—that younger crowd.

To him growing older means getting better—at whatever you do. And they have come across incredible paths where they killed their own parents. Focus on that the most. I really respect them. Be about your friends. This year is proving to be promising for Kyle.

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You are about the music and about the progression. Well, you know I got love for the industry.

Also, for me, my own personal thing—I grew up in the suburbs. I think he is like the most G songwriter. And they bring real edgy New York rap shit. So, across the board, I think it will connect to more types of people. Especially, the music you find on the net.


But, there is a wider lane for older people like me [ laughs ] because of that. I wanted to be me. I was working with exiled soldiers. And then basically as Black Skeptik—that was when I came back from Liberia. I was in awe of him from the moment I heard the first thing he said on a record to the moment I met him. We talked at the Southpaw live show. During my talk with Kyle, we discussed his mother, his time spent in Liberia, his own creative metamorphosis, vintage porn, and community outreach.

And, with SUB, I am starting to bust-out of the cocoon and spread my own wings. And I was one of those who got a free CD and continued to follow him over the course of his career. There was some darkness going on with me that I wanted to express.

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Would you speak a little bit about Belief? I grew up on James Taylor. And also, I have to get my acronym going. The older you are, the longer you have been studying the craft. There are so many different types of sub prefixes that I associate it with.

When I spoke to Kyle over the phone for this interview, he was in Ohio finishing up a show at a detention center with his spoken word trio, The Mayhem Poets.

I felt a little bit older and more experienced. Oh wow—well, like for me, she worked so hard, you know what Rspps mean? He did production work with early Def Jux artists a lot. I definitely want to do … something. And like help kids with drug addiction problems. During our conversation, Kyle stressed that fine tuning ones talents comes with hard work and commitment while staying true to the music and oneself.


The dude who has been shot nine times and is a real G. My father is a minister. He had a lot of brilliant artistic ideas. They called me Skeptik because I was always questioning everything.

Kyle Rapps – Watch Out (Video) – The Har

Kyle, you have to make bread. I met him through his manager. Would you speak about them? I feel like it just worked out well. Like really be about inspiring people who are at waatch end of their rope.

Qatch was really cool to be able to see those come into fruition. First of all, I wanted to keep it real simple—one syllable. I was trying too hard. My mom was always bumping James Taylor. What was the first album you remember listening to? Last time we talked it was You told me your dad got you into making music.

I think it has more craft to it.