Conrad with his Big Shimaron goons are also in Francia and are also after the box. Miko often gives strange advice to Yuri, and in some situations it really helps Yuri out. The Ultimate tournament begins with Wolfram taking the first fighting position. Gwendal and Yuri continue on to the country of Svelera. Yuri, Wolfram, Jozak and Conrad must obtain a rare herb on a mountain to cure the maid but how will they succeed if they are affected by it too? Murata, Jozak and Conrad infiltrate the castle and manage to find a box full of swords.

Yuri wants to leave it and just guard it but when Big Shimaron shows up to take it not knowing or caring if it’s the real thing or not. Lists of anime episodes. Cecilie likes flowers and grows new types of them in the Covenant Castle. Yuri ends up engaged to Wolfram von Bielefelt when he first meets him through a mishap. Dunheely championed the rights of half-human, half-demon and spent decades in making their lives better. Yuri then decides to help them to get enough food.

He tries to talk to the villagers but they attack him. Conrad and Susannah Julia had a close relationship prior to her death. Yuri follows them without thinking and rushes off to save him. Gisela, Yuri and Conrad send Adelbert off as the night ends with a banquet. Their transport is attacked by bandits who are led by a familiar face.

Yuri and Wolfram find out and follow them in Epispde ship. He learns that Shin Makoku does not exist until he met Bob and realizes it was all an illusion.

She is her grandmother’s successor in the treasure hunter business and inherited the box “mirror depth”. Greta tells Yuri that Hube had kyoi told her that he’d done something unforgivable.

During the investigation, shadowy figures infiltrate the castle. She is also the one who taught Gwendal how to knit and later Greta too.

He is a very whimsical person and poetic in his thoughts. In the process of aiming a strong attack at Wolfram, Yuri realizes that Wolfram seems to be preparing himself for his last moments and gives his final words to Yuri: The founding king Shinou, the Great Sage as well as the four families with the keys to the boxes are shown.


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Yuri must choose between sacrificing the cocoon or exterminating the dragons to stop their rampage. He takes the engagement much more seriously than Yuri does. While they were helping Rosetta, they found that some thieves are trying to reclaim the demon stone.

When the country’s guards appear Adalbert and Maxine run but then Yuri realizes that the weapons are the same as the eenglish from the battle Conrad was in.

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They withdraw and Yuri is told by Conrad that Wolfram’s heart has stopped iyou. At that very moment, Berias appears and reveals himself to be Alazon’s brother and Sara the son of Alazon.

Alazon’s younger brother, and Saralegi’s uncle, although Saralegi is initially unaware of their relationship. Yuri learns through Gisela what exactly happened to Julia and why everyone blamed Hube. Jeneus appeared while they were staying and demand that the three swords to be handed over or else Caloria would be destroyed. Shori expresses his worries about the sealing ceremony and Yuri tells mzou that it’d be fine with everyone there.

Yuri also says that Wolfram cannot paint well, even though he insists on painting. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. They first appear in the anime in Season 1, Episode 1 as messengers for Conrad and Gunter. Near the end of the second season, there is a time when Wolfram is possessed by The Original King, who in turn was possessed by The Originator.

Jozak tricks Yuri to participating in a gladiator event so he can absorb souls when people die.

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Faceless puppets attack Yuri at the party and run off with Wolfram. The king of Francia refuses to choose either the Demon or the Big Shimaron side.


She can take kyku of situations easily and effectively, however, and cares for her sons deeply. Dragons are also an endangered species that exist in the Great Demon Kingdom.

Murata and Jozak devise a plan to rescue Yuri and escape. Ore ga MAou Da ” Japanese: Conrad thinks about how life seems to continue on, though episoode slowly, when Yuri is not around. A young girl shows up claiming to be Yuri’s illegitimate child, and then tries to kill Yuri.

Sara uses suggestive hypnotism to force Wolfram into bring Yuri to him. The couple fell in love and she was already pregnant by Gegenhuber “Hube” Grisela when she met Yuri. When not otherwise busy, Gwendal indulges in his hobby of knitting but often his creatures look nothing like what they’re supposed to for example a bear got mistaken for a black pig or a cat that looks like a raccoon.

Their cry is the nonsensical, “Nogisu”. The only way to calm the dragons is to sacrifice the pink Bear Bee. Wolfram and Yuri have an argument about killing the monsters or letting them live. In episode 33, Maxine of Small Cimaron tried to exploit the fact that it was deathly afraid of manjuus by scaring him in order to eposode off the race that Yuri and Yozak were trying to win. As such, Hube would go to extreme lengths to protect Yuri, such as dib Nicola to fight against the possessed Original King.