You are commenting using your Facebook account. In front of the starting point, grapple up to the high ledge along the cliff walls where the canister is at. Behind Obi-Wan’s ship, use the Force to repair the broken machine and to raise a platform. Now go back down and take care of the rest of the droids, and then go through the hole in the rock wall between the two ledges. Use the Force on three large block pieces to stack them up. Comment on your question. After the initial cutscene showing Obi-Wan and Anakin landing, the level begins with the aforementioned characters. Use the Force on the pieces of the broken column, repairing it from base to top, to make the canister appear.

Destroy the door to get in there. On the third lap, all the racers will make a detour to the right, past the large fallen rock. This page has been accessed 42, times. Use the Force to pump in the colored liquids, so the mixture will match what is displayed on the circular panel. Once you’ve collected all of the Mini-Kits and Red Bricks in a chapter there’s no need to complete the chapter. After entering the first hall, use the Force to move the bombs over to the discolored portion of the wall, and then use the bombs to blow open that portion of the wall to reveal the canister. If you’d like you can view your Mini-Kit collection by exiting the Mos Eisley Cantina via the door on the bottom left and then in the outside area, head over to the right. Hit the targets to its left and right and go through.

The platform slowly crumbles, so you have to kill Vader before you run out of space. In the second room, get all the studs you can find, and you should be able to easily get enough.

Double jump as Jar Jar from it toward the canister above. To do this you’ll need to sell your Landspeeder to the Jawas. Then, the level continues.

In the final area, go forward and to the right behind the tree. Keep going and you’ll see another, followed by another.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

The canister lies on a high ledge above where Padme is held. You’re in the last area, now, so use the Force on all four corners of this little hole, then smash the little modules. Nonstop droids will be coming after you, so fight your way to the back corner and take care of the Droid Commander on the ledge on the right.


If you are epizode free play mode, turn into a with and use the dark force on them. Use the Force on the switches – a cutscene will show the ship crash-landing.

A decent goal, but doable, if you fight smart and try to stay alive. Grapple up and shoot the two targets to lower the bridge, then go through to the next area.

As it winds around, you’ll face another AT-XT, so gun it down from a distance, then head to the corner at the end.

Force the plants in the right corner to reveal some platforms, and climb up. Keep me logged in on this device. After using the Force on the plant to reveal a grappling point, grapple ocmplete toward the target switches. To the left of the tower behind it is another minikit piece.

After the area with several pits, epieode through the barricades and ride up the large ramp-like slope on the right side. In the large semicircular chamber, flip all three levers on the right side to lower a mechanical arm as well as open the door that leads to the final room. In this area are several Battle Droids being called down by Commanders. Repeat until he dies. In the lengthy area with several plant-covered balconies, climb up to a high ledge with a vent. The canister lies on an even higher ledge above where Padme is held.

Before entering the council room, look past the broken edges of the walkways to the side to find the canister. Go down the right munikits to enter the next area.

This one’s right next to it. On the third lap, all the racers will make a detour to the right, past the large fallen rock.

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In the pond area, Force the downed Minikkts Fighter up out of the swamp, then quickly switch to a high jumper and jump up from the ship to this one. When you reach the second area after opening a door with a Protocol Droid such as C-3PO youll see an orange structure blocking the path. Use the Force on the switch to stop it. Canisters 8 through Inside the hangar, get up to the crewman who is being held on a high platform at the back corner.


In the maintenance passageway before the bridge, use the Force on the last valve to blow up the pump, revealing the canister. Retrieved from ” https: However, he also has a squad of battle droids at his command, and he uses Force Grip often.

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Retake Theed Palace Canister 1: With two hearts, left, Grievous will go back to the center platform. Assassin’s Creed II Guide. Darth Vader Canister 1: Again, use the Force to pull out the platforms, and double jump as Jar Jar from these platforms to reach it.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Go through the door in the middle of the upper level. Meltan, Newest Mythical Pokemon. They are actually clones, and they will try to kill you, so kill them first.

Comment on your question. Move them out of the way, then hit both switches to open the door. Shoot another target switch to raise another platform toward it.

Defense of Kashyyyk – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Enter the vent as a kid to reach the canister. Use the Force on the switch to let Vader across, then he’ll use the Force on the switch to let you across. At the cliffs, where the path is narrow, use the Force on some pieces to form a platform. Each time, he loses one heart. Double jump as Jar Jar up to the high ledge, and follow it along the sides of the cliff. Before pursuing Maul through the first doorway at the hangar, use the Force on both small crates while standing on them to climb above the doorway.

The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Year 8: Now hover as an astromech droid across to the canister on the distant platform.