Build and use the grapplle point to get the piece. In the room you follow Jango into, use the Bounty Hunter panel to deactivate the shield to get the piece. Use the Force on them then climb up them for a piece. This is very simple, it can only be done in Free Play mode as you need access to some of the unlockable characters. This achievement requires that you set off the 3 discos that are scattered throughout the game. Red brick – Continue from piece 8, use a Thermal Detonator to blow up the box then build the Legos.

Defeat the stormies in there and use the Force on one of air-holes. Posted on July 4, , in Lego Star Wars: Hop on a Tauntaun and ride it over to the Falcon, then jump off and onto the top of the Falcon. Follow Lego Game Help! Levitation Challenge – , That will open a door down in the hangar. Jump up the platforms in here, use the Force to raise the platform and jump over to where the piece is.

Fruit block 2 – In the area with the buckets, ride the one that moves till it drops you down to a ledge then break the left box. Use the Bounty Hunter panel to open a door, behind it is a piece.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough

Go all the way to the left. Quickly fly over the switches inside the Death Star’s first area. Hover over to the other platform and pull the wall switch. At the start of the level, hover to the left for a piece. Now fix the minikit. Use the Force to raise the chair then use it to reach the platform.

Pull both wall switches to reveal the piece.


Build the Legos for another grapple point, then use it to reach another platform. Use a Thermal Detonator on the box that blocks the path. Chapter 4 – Retake Theed Palace [] Fruit block 1 – In the first area use minikkts grapple point to get up to the balcony.

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Once you get TC, go back to the first hallway and enter the Protocol droid door. Use the Force to move all of the boxes to make the brick appear above them. Inside the command bunker in the room to the left, hover across the gap to get a piece by the Protocol droid panel. Red brick – From fruit block 3, hover to the chhapter to get the brick.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Activation – On the left side of this area, use a Thermal Detanator to blow up the box. In the area where you fight Dooku, go over to the left side of the room and break the three canisters.

If you have opted to use cheat codes then fpisode sure to enable the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ as it will sfar indicate where the Mini-Kits are as you go through the chapters. Watch out for the panels that fall.

Hover across the gap for a piece. Use the Artoo panel. In the room you follow Jango into, use the Bounty Hunter panel to deactivate the shield to get the piece.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Fruit block 1 – Break an object behind one of the ships on the right side. Now, cha;ter need to use the E-Webs. Congratulations on completing your second playthrough of the game. From the previous Canister, go to the right and open the panel with an Astromech. Go up the stairs, jump onto the awning and jump over to the stairs to the left. Cross now to the door on the left that was just cleared. Assassin’s Creed II Guide.


Collect all available red bricks.

Fruit block 3 – Blast the rocks on the left at the start of stage 4. Warz the third hallway use the Stormtrooper panel. Break all the chairs to make the brick appear. Get all the way through stage 2 without dieing.

Fruit block 2 – In the first part of the room you get piece 9 in, break the container. In the prison cell bay’s security room, use either of the Stormtrooper panels in the elevators. Fly over the four switches on the horizontal Republic Cruiser, near the previous one.

While the ‘Mini-Kit Detector’ is an invaluable tool, it’s chalter perfect. In the area with the Sandcrawler, once you get up on top of it, have a Sith break all of the round objects. In the area after the beach, break the bushes near the water and build the Legos, then step on the floor switches to reveal a piece. Sar do this you’ll need to sell your Landspeeder to the Jawas.

Pull the wall switch to start a platform moving.