Retake Theed Palace Next: If you fall, you’ll have to go back to the beginning to get back up. After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, use the Force to repair the broken Naboo starfighter on the left side of the hangar. Now you come to an intersection – just go forward. Achievements Guide Lego Game Help! Hit the plants next to it to open a gate to a vent. You’ll open a door, and five battle droids will come through.

Return of the Jedi. At the back of the room you first entered 4: Again, it will be near the edge at the end. Kill it, then switch with Jar Jar to reach the high platform. We’ll be focusing on collecting all of the white Mini-Kits and the games Red Bricks you can skip the red bricks if you opted to use the games cheat codes. Go to the right. Southeast of the catapult is a tree laying on the ground 8:

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Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. After clearing the door to the last part of the level, jump on the “arm” off the the right then jump onto the walkway, and head left 9: Before Yoda’s hut, there is a Dark Force object that has a Build-It for a raft, make the raft, and float to the other side. Hover as an astromech droid or double jump as Jar Jar to reach it. Shoot the target switch to make the canister appear. Shoot both target switches beside this capsule to open it.

Anyway, hold A for the entire race. Once you’ve collected all of the Mini-Kits and Red Bricks in a chapter there’s no need to complete the chapter.

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Step on the two buttons in these side chambers to open the container that is holding the canister. Posted on September 17,in Lego Star Wars: In this part of the race, you’ll be shot at with lasers.


At the bridge, check the left side of the back wall for the canister. In the area with the first target switch, drop down to lowest level, without falling into the pits.

Start jumping on minikots small minikite to the left 9: The Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Build the battery, rotate it, put it in place, then ride the elevator all the way to the top and jump to the highest ledge on the right Chapter 6: At the end of the area episoxe Once you’re done messing around, use the Force on the door to break it. Shoot the white pods to obtain the canisters. Go to the right, not the left.

There is a capsule on the ground level that holds the canister. However, this time he’ll use Force Grip on you. Not far from the starting point, find a side path to the right, off the main route. Use the Force to knock Darth Maul off another platform. Head all the way east, it’s under the cliff 3: Go to the right.

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At the cliffs, where the path is narrow, use the Force on some pieces to form a platform. Hit the plants next to it to open a gate to a vent. To the right of the second fuel cell 3: Disable it by hitting both switches.

At the back of the room you first entered 4: On top of a rock on the right side 4: Double jump as Jar Jar up from them to get the canister high up above them.

Across the way from the ice fishing room is another 6: On the ship with Boba Fett 2: Defense of Kashyyyk Canister 1: Hover as an astromech droid across the gap to catch up to wats droid fighter.


These are not found in the same areas as the white Canisters of regular gameplay, but are as follows:.

Activate this astromech panel, and enter the room with the tanks that are holding liquids of different colors. The Empire Strikes Back. After destroying one of the Separatists ships’ Command deck, you will see it before diving across a Republic ship 8: This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

Switch with Jar Jar to jump to where it was and collect a minikit piece, then use the bridge made by the pieces of the structure to go up. You do have to be quick. In the second mud are, use C-3PO to pump the mud out of the ground and high jump on the orange objects on the left, then high jump into the X2 score zone, and boost across the ledge Blue Kits Video Credit packattack Go to the place where the third bomb is used to drive Grievous back to the central arena.

R2 has to take the elevator. Enter the vent as a kid to reach an upper walkway, and step on the button there to deactivate the field, which is blocking the canister on the opposite side of the room. Enter the maintenance room.

After destroying the Force field, create th grapple point and grapple to the ledge Chapter 4: Once all four are scrap, Maul will try to throw something at you. Now go episoe and go through the door.