You have to get up on the ledge and jump over the first force field and turn it off with C3-po. Red Dead Online getting new featu.. Before pursuing Maul through the first doorway at the hangar, use the Force on both small crates while standing on them to climb above the doorway. To do this you’ll need to sell your Landspeeder to the Jawas. Step on the two buttons in these side chambers to open the container that is holding the canister. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Double jump as Jar Jar to get up there.

The Order of the Phoenix Year 6: Of course you’ll already have unlocked the Red Brick achievement if you opted to use the games cheat codes. Once more, grapple up there. Double jump as Jar Jar to reach it. At the end of the forest, destroy the four sensors at the launch pad to raise the pod. Was this guide helpful? I found it, you have to jump on the platform that moves away from the door, walk twords the end on the left, then, turn into r2-d2 and fly over the force field, do this until all are unlocked. Shoot another target switch to raise another platform toward it.

In the first corridor where the platforms are falling into the lava, look for the canister toward the left side of the screen, before the doorway that leads to the control room. For the last comment, if you have exploding blaster bullets you can blow it up with that.

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In this chapter of the game you have the opportunity to unlock the ‘Disco King’ achievement, before I describe how you unlock it. Between the giant tree and the bridge that leads on to the beach area, look for a side path with two grappling points.

This is the same area where C-3PO appears in the story mode. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Have both characters step on the two lit circular panels at the same time, and repeat until the disco music starts and the canister appears. Double jump as Jar Jar up to the high ledge to find the canister. Isolation Xbox Guide.


Feb 18 Thanks ekroner but i already have that one. At the end of this hallway, double jump as Jar Jar up to a higher short corridor. In the chamber with the locked gate, step on the buttons on the left side to extend some platforms that also have buttons on them.

Double jump as Jar Jar from the stack of pots to reach the canister high up in the air. After the Minikit-droid finishes his dance, you’ll be able to collect it. Go behind the starting point, toward the camera, to find the canister.

Revenge of the Sith. White Minikit Video Credit: Continue across these platforms by grappling until reaching the canister. During the final battle, wait for Maul to activate and leap onto the three platforms around the room. On the exterior walkway, destroy the tanks and step on the two buttons to lower the platform, exposing the canister within the wall.

He looking for one where come in at last area and it point up this wrong. Activate the astromech panel to open the door, and enter the dark hallway.

After a set of four laser cannons, look for the canister along the narrow strips of land. Kill the Clones, then Force the red stairs and head up. Enter the room with the large chasm. The minikit is in there.

Best Answer ekroner answered: Before entering the council room, look past the broken edges of the walkways to the side to find the canister. It’s behind the force field on the left side of the room but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to turn off the force field.

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The Canister is hidden behind the huge sphere. The Phantom Menace Chapter 1: Near the east wall rests a Minikit high above a plateau. If reaching it from the earlier platforms is too difficult, try hovering over to it from the last patch of land during the final battle but do not defeat the other character until grabbing it. Between the blue and purple sets of levers in the corridors, there is another protocol panel.


When you enter the caverns as Ahsoka, keep an eye out for red glowing crystals on the walls. Hover to it with an astromech. Posted on December 23,in Lego Star Wars: The canister is at the top of this slope.

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Is there a cheat to get all gold bri. You’ll need to destroy four more of these throughout the rest of the level to earn the Minikit. The canister is miikits inside an alcove beside these ledges. From their position, double jump as Jar Jar up to the narrow ledges. Hover as an astromech droid across the gap to catch up to the droid fighter.

From these platforms, double jump as Jar Jar to reach the canister high up in the air. You’ll find this in the projector.

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This will give you: Head forward and saber the clones. From the main doors, head toward the left of the screen to find it. Drive into the white pods to obtain the canisters. The Prisoner of Azkaban Year 4: Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username wsrs password? Double jump as Jar Jar up to the high ledge, and follow it along the sides of the cliff to find the canister on another distant ledge.

Please do not be rude to others. Create all the mixtures correctly to open the tank that is holding the canister.