In the second area, use the Force to put all the support beams back up. Secret Master All the way on the right side of the beach climb up the ledges and have a Sith break a canister for a piece. In the same area as fruit block 2, go all the way to the left on the upper path and have a Sith break the grate to get a piece. Fruit block 2 – At the beginning of the third hallway, break the object against the left wall. In the first area use the Force to raise a Naboo Starfighter, then use a Sith to raise a platform on either side of the hangar. Knock down a few hearts and he’ll jump away. Artoo will automatically activate a panel to let you over.

And a special thanks to EricDent1 who helped me find a few of the mini-kit pieces that I couldn’t find and a red brick. Destroy the flower box all the way to the left. Further down the path inside the Temple, use the Bounty Hunter panel and enter the Council room. Inside the breakable wall that has the canister you need to shoot to get Grievous back into the battle area is a piece. This is very simple, it can only be done in Free Play mode as you need access to some of the unlockable characters. Fruit block 3 – In stage go all the way to the back of the area and blast the hell out of the objects on the right. Back over on the left side of this area, build the Lego blocks and use the Bounty Hunter panel to start a platform moving.

Pull the wall switch, then after the shield turns off use the Force to build the grapple point and e;isode it to get the piece. In the first area climb up all the ledges to get a piece. The Complete Saga Walkthrough 5. Use an Imperial character to access the room.


In the room where you freed 3PO, push the heater over to melt the ice to make the piece appear, then double jump up on the ledge to get it. Go back the way you came and ride the fan up to get it.

In the hallway after you come across Vader, go left and use the Bounty Hunter panel. Minkits block 2 – Break the container by the electrified floor.

Enter the room and go to the left for a piece. Inside the room step on the floor switches till you get ’em all and a piece will appear. Periodically, stormies will drop down to fight you.

Use the grapple point then follow the ledge along till you reach it. Don’t have an account? Hit him some more.

Fruit block 3 – In the area by Obi-Wan’s house, break the container by the cliff, build the grapple point and grapple up twice and break the container to the left. Go right, jump up two levels then build and use the grapple point.

Don’t have an account? In the first area, use a Sith to pull two platforms out of the wall.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

Red brick – At the end of the level, keep going right past Obi-Wan’s house. Fly over the four switches in the first area. Then use the Force to pull two platforms out of the wall. In minikirs next area, hover toward the camera to get a piece. Survive stage 2 and blow up the Death Star and escape.

Cloud City Trap – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

In the first hallway Obi-Wan uses, hover across the gap then break the container and build the Legos for a travel chute. At the start of the level, go left and have a Sith move the gears into place. Over on epusode other side of the room, use the Stormtrooper panel and enter the room.


Use the Force on the wall to create a fan, ,inikits have Artoo use the panel to get the lift moving. Destroy the six glowing towers in the first area.

On the right side of the same room, do exactly the same thing the only difference is that it’s a Protocol droid panel. Break the garbage can, use the Force to build the bomb then use the Force to move it into place.

In the same room, use the Force to raise a platform then use it to get the piece. Once you’ve collected all of the Mini-Kits and Red Bricks in a chapter there’s no need to complete the chapter. Force it onto the stand and blast down the blue bars on the door, then pass through.

Chapter 3 – Falcon Flight [] Red brick – At the start of the level, turn around. Where Anakin is being held, grapple up twice for a piece.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Red Brick and Mini-kit FAQ

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Go back over to the ledges where those two lights are. Use the tow-cable to trip three AT-ST’s in stage 2.

Switch to a blaster character and shoot all the targets to deactivate the shield to get the piece. In the lava room, use the Force on all the grey gears to raise the platforms then use the grapple point.