The canister rests on an even higher ledge above where Obi-Wan is held. Forgot your username or password? In the large semicircular chamber, the canister is above the lever in the first short corridor on the right side. To shut off the force fields, activate the astromech panel near the fighter. After the area with several pits, smash through the barricades and ride up the large ramp-like slope on the right side. This site uses cookies. A cage on the right side holds the canister.

Once all six are loose, go to the far right corner and use the Artoo panel to end the mission. At the bridge, check the right side of the back wall for the canister. This is the bomb that has to be moved with the Force, after it is found behind a discolored portion of the cliff walls. Build the block, then Sith Force it into place to reach this one. At the lava pool, the canister is on a platform at the far right side. Use the Force to pump in the colored liquids, so the mixture will match what is displayed on the circular panel.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game – Canister Location Guide

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Between the giant tree and the bridge that leads on to the beach area, look for a side path with two grappling points. Invasion of Naboo Next: Follow these ledges, toward the right of the screen, over to the canister.

On the exterior walkway, destroy the tanks and step on the two buttons to lower the platform, exposing the canister within the wall. Send Anakin through it so he can get to the back area.

Cross the bridge and enter a dome. Once all six are loose, go to the far right corner and use the Artoo panel to end the mission. In the generator area with the large curved walkways, grapple up to the top level.


In the last building before the battle with Jango, use the Dark Side of the Force on the dark gate, and enter the room with the several capsules. Have a Short Character climb through the vent, then jump up to the right and drop down onto a balcony. In the first room with the circular light panels, go left as usual. Log In Sign Up.

Sign up for free! Each button removes one skylight from each side. Shoot the target switch to raise a platform toward it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – FAQ/Walkthrough

Use a Bounty Hunter to destroy the windows with a thermal detonator. Step on the buttons to make some platforms appear, and then use the Force to raise the extension in the middle of the white platform.

At the beach area, look for a high wooden platform along the middle of the cliff walls. Before entering the doorway that leads to the next area, use the Force to pull out discolored sections of the wall and to form platforms.

For an easier time, use the Force on the crates below to form a stack first. Grapple up to etar second balcony and destroy the first window to find the Canister inside. Stra need to solve the “puzzle” in the upper plaza in the first area.

To wags up here, it’s best to go up the Force-stairs and across the bridge. Double jump as Jar Jar up from them to get the canister high up above them. This is found high up on the near left side.


Escape From Naboo – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Walkthrough & Guide – GameFAQs

Invasion of Naboo Table of Contents Next: The Order of the Phoenix Year 6: Activate it, and enter the maintenance room. The canister is in front of the speed boosters in front of this collapsing rock. In the first area, destroy all of the episove at the beginning and use the Force on the support beams in between them.

Across from the platform where Obi-Wan’s ship is, there is a smaller platform with a canister behind a force field. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: On the second lap, a racer crashes into the large rock that will fall over.

Cross the bridge to find the canister. The canister is at the dead end. Near the beginning of the narrow canyon with the arches, look for the canister within one nabpo the arches.

Have one character step on a button while the other double jumps as Jar Jar on ahead to an even higher ledge where the canister is. Use the Force to pump in the colored liquids, so the mixture will match what is displayed on the circular panel.

Inside the hangar, get up to the two crewmen who are being held in the high alcove. Double jump as Jar Jar up to the high ledge to find the canister.