What Might Have Been by daul52 reviews What might’ve happened if the series had continued? Breaking down the character flaws and complex arcs of a Sanrio based show. Flames will be incinarated! Explicit Episode — Naussica of the Valley of the Wind. Open iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts. The Zadavia Chronicles Entry 1: Explicit Episode — Archer Vice.

T – English – Tragedy – Chapters: But eventually, like everyone else, your life must end and you must walk down the path of Destiny for the last time. Being beta read by icegirl Loonatics Unleashed – Rated: K – English – Friendship – Chapters: This show came out a few years too early. Explicit Episode — Reboot vs Reboot. Netbug joins us to talk Wander Over Yonder…. The Future Is Wild!

Tom Campbell bonds with Dave over Charlie Chalk while the rest of the gang are weirded out. Explicit Episode 46 — Avatar: Marc defends his love of the show as Dave tears it apart. Explicit Episode — Konosuba.

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When Tech is zapped by an invention of Mastermind’s he does strange things. Now they must find out the secrets of the past, and find out who’s their true ally And more importantly, can they keep her safe? Explicit Episode — The Big O.


Especially when it brings up questions about the family who abandoned her? How will she adapt to her new life?

Batman — Mask of the Phantasm. And when these Evil Loonatics kidnap Duck, can his friends manage to avoid prison and rescue him in time?

Explicit Episode — Naussica of the Valley of the Wind. Somehow, this episode ended up really filthy. Explicit Episode — Planet Hulk.

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Explicit Episode — Hajime No Ippo. Loonatics Unleashed – Rated: But what do you do when your enemy has the cunning to plot it, the knowledge to implement it, and the determination to see it through to unlfashed bitter end.

Colours of the Day by LilyRosetheDreamer reviews The days have just as many colours as their own uniforms do. All 5 of us get together to talk about a boxing anime where the least interesting thing is boxing. Clean Episode — Ducktales A show that barely exists.

If had been there, if you had seen it I bet’cha you would have done the same” – Chicago Rated T for terrific! And that gets Tyler pissed.

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Maybe an annoyingly bothersome reuploqded will make him snap out of his gloomy state. JelloApocalypse returns to talk about the best Pokemon movie…which may not be saying much. It turns out, the cat and mouse have powers too! Do the first Nicktoon episodes hold up 22 years later?


Loonatics Unleashed- Episode 22- Apocalypso

Explicit Episode — Isle of Dogs. The Black Latios by Mekon reviews After losing in the Sinnoh league, Ash and his friends head back home but make a stop in Altomare to visit some old friends.

Well, when a strange new girl falls into their laps with absolutely no memory of her past and she begins to be hunted by an evil sorceress, the gang is pulled into a fight for their lives T – English – Tragedy – Chapters: Discussing and debating the merits of a scene involving a Jellybean. With one of the best characters in adult cartoon history.

Old Heroes return, Truths are revealed, and Ash’s life loonagics hang in the balance. Loonatkcs all hope is lost Jimmy Neutron — Boy Genius. Wasn’t sure on the rating: