Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such servicing, given that it depends entirely on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch’s owner. Heavy duty and resistant to extreme environments – properties that US navy military and professionals are looking for in a watch. Luminox Made in Switzerland XA. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As a general rule, your watch should receive a full service every 3 to 4 years, depending on the use of the watch. For those who are hyper-sensitive to stainless steel we recommend that you buy a watch made of titanium or plastic. Luminox watches are water resistant from — meters, as indicated on the case back.

Our minimum water resistance recommendations are as follows for the following activities in water environments: He is also a consummate adventurer, someone who embraces danger. Can I wear my Luminox watch if I am allergic to Nickel? A portion of proceeds from sales of this watch will go toward funding UVP and its mission of exploration. Every official Luminox representative will be glad to provide you with a catalogue check the list under Stores. Our store offers great timepieces from Luminox for great prices. Luminox colormark navy seal lm men’s watch. Do not under any circumstances open the watch by yourself.

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How does the Luminox Light Technology work? He is also a consummate adventurer, someone who embraces danger. Items not covered by the original warranty are the battery, crystal, band, stem and crown, or any damage from normal, extreme, or inappropriate use.

Where can I send my watch for repair? What does the Luminox warranty cover?

Luminox atacama field lm mens watch. It is packaged with a second faststrap, a polyurethane strap with dive extension, and a strap-changing tool in a dive mask storage box. Please consult your warranty card and booklet received from your retailer.


Each Luminox watch employs tiny self-powered micro gas light tubes. Superiority, Durability and Precision, all in one timepiece from Luminox. Scott Cassell founded Sea Wolves Unlimited LLC to counter the rampant poaching of sharks and endangered sea life, a major contributing factor in the decline of the oceans. I would like to purchase it. These light tubes are safe to humans and environment. This site uses cookies. However, under certain circumstances condensation can build up on the inside of the watch due to natural humidity.

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One of its well-known and stand out features is the special illumination system embellished on every one of their watches; allowing its users to keep track of the time as it moves, even in complete darkness. When returning your watch to an official service center, please include the warranty card which wath show the store where bought, date of wattch and stamp of the store in order to be a valid warranty card.

Any damage to the watch resulting from normal or extreme use is not covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. PC carbon reinforced Bezel: Please check the store locator to find authorised retailers in your county.

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The goal is to swim underwater watcy feet deep for 30 miles non-stop during one continuous SCUBA dive using state of the art equipment. However, even in the 4 seconds interval, your watch will continue to run for one to three weeks before stopping. These watched are created solely for one purpose; created to meet the deman for high-performance sports watched with cutting edge style, luminescence and readability.


You can now own you watch while drinking a cup of tea. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Please be aware that temperature fluctuations and external influences, for example due to solvents, cosmetics, dust or shocks, caused by impacts or sudden movements, can fundamentally affect water-resistance.

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Please also note that not lumino straps or bracelets are suitable for use in or under water. Please note that the battery is not covered by the original warranty. Your watch is warranted for 2 years from the date of purchase from an authorized Luminox retailer against any and all manufacturer’s defects.

The typical tolerance 3945 a quartz movement has got variations of between Luminox was later founded in as Berry Cohen partnered with his friend Richard Timbo. Click here to view all Navy Seal watches.

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Luminox — Always Visible. If the does not disappear within 2 to 3 minutes in a normal temperature, send the watch to an authorized service center to address shock or damaged gaskets which can cause the loss of water resistance.

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