Torrents by keyword “mac and devin go to high school” – KickassTorrents http: I am a fan of both Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. If you really, really just want to watch a terrible movie, go watch The Room. Slow Burn then proceeds to tell us that we have to get high to enjoy this movie. Wiz and Snoop should stick to what they know best, making music and smoking weed. Rej3ctz Alicia Monet Caldwell I couldn’t take Snoop seriously as a 15 year senior, it just wasn’t logical.

That Good Release Name: The copyright of the record belongs to the original distribution company only, here is only for user reviews. If you didn’t enjoy the film because of their promotion of weed culture Im sorry to say its Wiz and Snoop. So when I heard that they were collaborating to make a stoner comedy I was excited. For more info about this release, open. Because no self-respecting person would have anything to do with this movie. The music is a sad attempt at a washed-up, has-been rapper to remain relevant. Snoop has no acting abilities and it shows, the whole cast seems to be a sycophantic group hell bent on pleasing their leader.

If you didn’t enjoy the film because of their promotion of weed culture Im sorry to say its Wiz and Snoop.

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain ترجمات Bulgarian |

There is a small chance someone managed to make something worse. Awaiting 5 votes RT Critics: But with awards and even more nominations Snoop has already proved himself to be a successful actor.


I anticipated it to be a movie like How High mixed with a little bit of Superbad. Wiz Khalifa – Talent Show Ft.

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain ترجمات Bulgarian

Film clearly a platform to “sell” the soundtrack, which like the film has predictable lyrics and strives to be “contraversal” in it’s message, but is about 50 years to late Hendrix, Joplin, Jim Morrison etc etc etc told us to tune in and drop out far more eloquently. It would be so much easier to just tie their career to a post and shoot it.

Now I could be wrong about this, but, while watching, it seemed that the overall point of scgool movie was to sell music. What xvid-ac0rp you expect? Knees Down Teairra Mari Hig boy30 download 0 Indonesian subtitle Mac. The movie starts out with a cartoon clip of this character slow burn who at first seems like a good addition to the movie.

It seemed xnd and the ending didn’t feel like a real ending. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Unfortunately, you would have to be stoned out of your mind to find anything in this movie even remotely funny, and so I sat through the most grueling and painful movie experience I’ve ever had the extreme displeasure to be subjected to.

The movie didn’t have a smooth flow or an actual plot line. Remember to support the artists The moment I heard him and Snoop were doing a movie, I was dying to see what type of film they would put together.


A comedy that follows two high school students — one overachiever struggling to write his valedictorian speech, the other a senior now going on his 15th year of school. Here’s some reasons why I think this. If you like extremely stupid xvid-dc0rp jokes, incredible headaches, vast stretches of mind-numbing boredom, and watching a year-old man pretending to be a high school-er, knock yourself out.

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Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain (2011) subtitles

The story was a recycled script that was generic and vanilla. Enjoy and share everything! Stoner Kid Leroy Barnes Jr. A cool kid helps a nerdy kid become cool.

Bail Officer Myles Tufts I couldn’t take Snoop seriously as a 15 year senior, it just wasn’t logical. AVI x kbit Audio: The jokes would be funnier if you tried to make stupid jokes.

Mac & Devin Go to High School () subtitles

I could have honestly done without Andy Milonakis character. At least The Room is so awful it’s funny.

This story has been reused times over. Embed this content in your HTML. The next issue came when I began subtitlse uncover what the overall plot was. NFO file with notepad .