You can leave it on without interfering too much with normal shooting. YUV Convertor Windows only, closed source. AGC is applied only in digital domain i. It gives you menus, and choices for stills and video. This is the largest depth of field possible for the current f-number. You can increase the bitrate of your images by up to three times the normal bitrate. This is my preferred setting.

What if I try to use it on a wrong firmware version? Adjust your auto-off setting to longer than your timelapse interval the camera will turn off before the second shot. What is Magic Lantern? This is my preferred setting. As a general rule, the use of a quiet preamp to send the signal to the camera will result in better the sound recorded in camera. Magic Lantern is not approved nor endorsed by Canon in any way, and using it will probably void your warranty. This is great in the studio or even out in the field.

Cartoon look for this to work, set sharpness in your picture style to any nonzero value. What’s that got to do with the price of rice in China? Remain4GB- how intdrvalometer time you have remaining until you have only 4gb left in the card.

Magic Lantern Shooter

How do I install it? Recommended focus step settings: Some notes from the Magic Lantern team: Enable this to display the hidden items, so you can re-enable them.

In sunset mode, the exposure lantren always increase.

Print screen after 10 seconds. This setting remains active even if you start the camera with standard firmware until you clear your settings. The 3 most compelling reasons you need to use Magic Lantern when you shoot. Credits goto Ken Rockwell for suggesting this. How do I get a ROM0. Can be lamtern while recording. That means that if you set your camera to record at 24p, and you use magic lantern to record at 60fps, the file will playback as if it were 24fps in the metadata.


You will use it to say: Set it the night before and wake up to a timelapse in your camera. First versions were developed by independent filmmakers and tailored for video production on 5D Mark II. It will hang and not wake up until the battery is removed.

The Simple Magic Lantern RAW Guide (Part One): Shooting RAW

May be useful with flat picture styles. Only undercranking works well. To change the focus pattern: If Step Wait is active, ML will wait until each focus command is completed, and then it will wait for a fixed delay, as configured here.

More info here and here. The function names are unlikely to be the same as the ones in Canon’s source code, which we have never seen.

If you don’t find the solution, ask for help. Audio meters are only displayed in movie mode. Do yourself a favor and get Neat Video. You may also use a recorder like Zoom H1, H2 or H4nbut since the line out level is much higher than the mic level, you will have to turn the output down from your recorder or use a pad cable. Arrow keys can be used to quickly adjust the following settings: I prefer using an Iris Pull for this maneuver, and to control it manually.


Less information in the pipeline leaves a little more room for image quality. Movie Mode on November 28, I accept no liability for the use or application of the instructions given here. Though I’m reluctant to find out for sure.

The Simple Magic Lantern RAW Guide (Part One): Shooting RAW – Wolfcrow

Red Crossout highly recommended if you forget to press record. You can use this mode for recording slit-scan frames distorted images like thesewhich use the extreme jello effect in creative ways. Lantrn this, it will only bypass the dialog when a chipped lens is attached i.

Elapsed- which is how much you have recorded in you clip currently.

How to find the right Magic Lantern version for your camera Proceed at your own risk! This menu item sets the maximum number of available DISP lantwrn. Can I use LiveView in complete darkness?