Gauri witnesses a vision where she watches Sukhracharya commanding her and asking her to do what he wishes. While he was having his breakfast, he is taken by surprise when a snake slithers out of his food. Gauri, Jayanth and Tiger learn about this from a news channel that Shukracharya runs. Evils that are seemingly contemporary, but have taken multiple forms since generations. Jayanth who is surprised by her actions, tells her that he is not her Guru and it isn’t necessary for her to do so. Gauri and Krishna find a building set up in flames and approach it to save the civilians.

Brihaspathi then reveals to Gauri that she has to fight Asurs. The college where Gauri has recently joined is going for a trek. Keep watching to find out. A flame door behind Gauri is seen which leads its way to hell. While on the other hand, Gauri is confronted by a boy, who then turns out to be Lord Krishna. While Mahesh is leaving the temple, Gauri notices him and follows him. The child, now Gauri is seen being physically trained by Brihaspathi and her abilities are wonderful to witness. Gauri is at rockstar Bhasma’s rock concert where Bhasma throws his hand towards Guari.

They meet Anjali and ask her as to where she got her powers from. Gauri reveals to Jayanth what had happened in her life and how she came into this world of humans.

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How will Gauri, Jayanth and Tiger protect the world from it? Gauri commands the police to let the girls go but the reluctant police do not listen to Gauri.

A man is seen spending time with his son and when is called by his wife to have his breakfast, he is annoyed to find the same food that his wife frequently prepares. What is going to get wrong in this trekking trip and how will Gauri solve it? Seeing the Puja plate, Mahesh starts getting scared as he was possessed by Bhasma Asur. Gauri and Krishna find a building set up in flames and approach it to save the civilians. Gauri then, walks up to the police and beats them up.


Gauri starts suspecting as to who could have set the building on fire. The story revolves around her encounter with the evil, Asur in order to save the world. While on the other hand, Sukracharya maharzkshak is in search of Gauri commands Epizode, a rockstar to kidnap two hundered and one girls for him.

Suddenly, Gauri gets a vision where she sees the book that she and Jayanth need to find. Gauri witnesses another vision where she is under the control of Shukracharya.

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After destroying Vritasur and the two pieces of Shukracharya’s power modules, Gauri is all set to find the remaining pieces of Shukracharya’s power modules. She also finds some weapons through which she relives her memories. At the same time, Jayanth, Tiger and Gauri reach home and get shocked seeing Meena’s condition. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Gauri is stunned to hear what Bhasma had just said. What is Narakasur going to do against Devi?

Gauri overpowers Bhasma and throws him into the flame door causing Bhasma to finish himself. The girl who followed Mahesh is then killed by maaharakshak.

But she fails to recognize which Asur it could be. What will Gauri do now? The man gets terrified when he sees his wife turning to a snake before his own eyes. Brihaspathi then reveals to Gauri that she has to fight Asurs.


Will Gauri be able to defeat episodw huge monster and Shukracharya?

Audible Download Audio Books. When Gauri finds Jayanth, she gets surprised as Jayanth’s face was identical to Brihaspathi’s. How will Gauri be able to protect mankind from being devastated by this unknown Asur? Shukracharya who was estimating Gauri’s power to be just a minor one, understands episodf Gauri is a powerful and capable girl.

Seeing them, Guari faints; gets loaded in the truck by police and gets kidnapped. Gauri then draws the same chalice that she had witnessed in her vision. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Today in Maharakshak Devi, a new form of Asur is witnessed by the viewers. Mahesh even tries to throw the Sindoor towards her head but a Baba disguised as an eagle stops Mahesh from doing so. The man tries to escape the situation and gets confronted by another huge snake which kills him and possesses him.

Will Gauri accept her loss?

Episode #1.5

How will Gauri overcome him? Gauri wakes up screaming hearing which Jayanth attends her and asks her as to what the matter is. Unexpectedly, the people at library lose their vision and this surprises Gauri and Jayanth.