A new supervillain Alchemist targeted Dhruva’s foster family forcing him to wonder whether it was a mistake to become a crime fighter without a secret identity and jeopardising his family’s security. Shweta eventually went to London in Makadjaal series to pursue her further studies. In ‘Commando Force’, Black Cat compares him to Houdini , while Nagraj once trapped in an enemy’s trap wonders, “What would have Dhruva done, had he been in my place? This mega 90 page issue brought the 2 superheroes together for the third time overall but for the first time under the writing of Anupam Sinha. A general GENL issue used to be a to page issue. These merchandise included stickers, magnet stickers, tattoos, posters, trading cards, wallets, T-shirts, dinner plates, jigsaw puzzles, face masks and stationery items themed on their superhero characters including Dhruva under a common trade name ‘Nagraj Novelties’.

Dhruva received such strong moral codes from his biological parents during his childhood and subsequently during his adolescence from his foster parents. Dhruva’s preferred mode of transport is his special motorbike. He wanted to show the kids that one can be tough as well as well mannered at the same time. Views Read Edit View history. She is always there to help Dhruva whenever he is in danger. Dhruva can even hit a target or fight an enemy blind-folded by judging the faint noises of their movements. Dhruva who survived the carnage, vowed to avenge the deaths of his loved ones and eliminate the evil from the society.

There are a number of experiences I can recount that are replete with humor and insight.

He learned stunt motorcycling from motorcyclist Pawanwho used to display his wall of death stunts in Jupiter Circus.

He is the founder of a fictional government-approved crime fighter organization Commando Force. Sinha’s first two characters Space Star and Private Detective Kapil didn’t become very popular, but served as the early drafts for Super Commando Dhruva.

During the initial few years, Anupam Sinha preferred to work alone on his brain-child Dhruva, both writing as well as illustrating all Dhruva titles on his own while the cover arts for the titles were mostly supplied by Vijay Kadaman independent freelance artist. Dhruva can also communicate with dolphinsan art taught to him by Annawho used to conduct dolphin shows in Jupiter circus.

Dhruva often indulges in healthy sibling rivalry, leg-pulling and playing pranks with his foster-sister Shweta and loves his foster family very much. Soon after, the pistol was removed from the character.


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Through notes, through votes, by rocking the boats…. Sinha was very sure about one thing: Dhruva is so adept at controlling and balancing his bike that it is famously said that Dhruva’s bike is nothing but a part of his body. Though Dhruva despises firearms in principle, he makes good use of his marksmanship while using his star blades Dhruva’s personalised shurikens to disarm or injure his enemy. He wanted to create a superhero out of a normal adult human. Views Read Edit View history.

His deductive reasoning and lateral thinking combined with his presence of mind and scientific knowledge regarding laws of physics allow him to make innovative use of harmless objects lying around to defeat his enemies.

The character’s appearance is distinctive and iconic: Dhruva’s comics now contain more science fiction-based time and space travels.

In alternate universe shown in Nagayana series, Natasha has been revealed to be the lawfully wedded wife of Dhruva. This issue dealt with Robo’s and Natasha’s past and brought turmoil in Dhruva’s love life eventually ending with Natasha leaving Dhruva and joining Robo’s crime syndicate once again. Spanish columnist Wright noted that Dhruva “has a MacGyver -like ability to use a paper clip or soup spoon to defeat enemies”. Dhruva is not really into too much high tech gadgetry.

But the highest level of support she provides is in the form of Chandikaa blonde super heroine, her alter ego. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The character, created by writer and illustrator Anupam Sinhafirst appeared in GENL 74 Pratishodh Ki Jwala [4] published in April [5] and since then, has appeared regularly in many issues published by Raj Comics.

InRaj comics published a list of Top 20 best sellers titles on their official Facebook page based on the sales figures on their own online store and Flipkart. It was a huge critical and commercial success makxdjaal Raj Comics. She also gave him a metallic holding strap for his boots and a wheel cover with push-back wheels that would convert his boots into roller skates with the flip of a switch.

Dhruva is an expert biker and makarjaal. In this title Dhruva was shown to be more tech-savvy as compared to his earlier versions.


Not only was it the hundredth special issue published by Raj Comics, it was also the first of an iconic three part series that dealt with Dhruva’s family background. Archived from the original on 14 October Since then both Nagraj and Dhruva have appeared in many two-hero and multi-hero issues all of which have been huge hits.

Dhruva does not wear any cape, mask or helmet. He was not solving cases anymore, but was saving moviie world from bigger threats.

With the success of special issues, Raj Comics scrapped the publishing of general issues for its top two heroes Dhruva and Nagraj, although they continued to publish general issues for other superheroes. The star shaped buckle has an inbuilt transmitter which enables Dhruva to stay in contact with commando headquarters, police force and even some of his allies including Chandika.

He would not have Dhruva kill anyone as he wanted Dhruva to be a role model for young kids, his main audience.

What Makes Movie Titles In Bhojpuri Funny?

He is also a master escapologist. Dhruva can even hit a target or fight an enemy blind-folded by judging the faint noises of their movements. They tried to introduce some new facets to the character. The most unusual thing about Dhruva is that, unlike most other superheroes, he doesn’t have an alter ego and doesn’t hide his identity behind a mask.

Although a few fans objected to this transformation of the character, most accepted this change. Star-line, on the ful, hand, is a thin rope made of nylo-steel which can not be cut, burnt or broken easily. List of Dhruva comics.

Makaddjaal introduced Swarna Nagri Golden Citywhich is located at the base of the ocean and hidden from human eyes. In the initial few issues, Dhruva carried a pistol as a measure of last resort, but never used it.

The next special issue was a landmark issue in many ways. He used and fired two rounds on the Rhino-men in the Nagu Islands.