Find all posts by Seffy. Yeah man, Claymore is a sick show, glad you enjoyed it. Not sheriff spoiler but got dayum this was crazy. Originally Posted by Aequitas. Good Ending Starts off as a girl helping a guy gets the girl he has a crush on You still watching it, aeterna?

Reminds me of something Like this or like this? Worst of all is I can already predict who he ends up with the drama is kinda ruined. I think to hide her wrinkles rofl very interdasting. Will they be animating part 3? I think the fact that Jura is the ‘strongest human wizard’ doesn’t take into account the special training that the members of FT had?

Thought it was cute how Aang’s kids mirrored Tenzin’s, also think Unalaq being the bad guy is way too obvious- he’ll end up just being an overzealous dude trying to do good.

Kumo Find all posts by sR. This current one that is still high quality but the direction has changed. Guys Gargantia is getting a 2nd season. You haven’t seen anything yet. The Rich Port wrote: Have you tried Trigun or Full Metal Alchemist: You still watching it, aeterna?

Prior to now, like at the start of the year, I’d watch one or two hours of anime daily each night, and then go to bed at like am after that, but since I’ve actually been using that energy more now, I’m getting too tired to stay up that late if I lie in bed.

I don’t think i’ll ever find an anime more enjoyable than Cowboy Bebop. He is a force of negativity for the sake of negativity. It starts of pretty good right away.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2 English Subbed at gogoanime

Were you the one that was considering dropping it after the first episode because of the whole friendship is power thing? I’d recommend you watch Touch a few months from now. Have you gotten to the flashback scene with the cookies? Thought she’d make a good love interest for KO.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what to think of it from the first few episodes but the writers are indeed geniuses! They’re kinda huusha, but would be my 2nd choice.

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If you’re a Jojo brah who also enjoys phaggytime rom-coms, you should check it out ’cause there are Jojo references in nearly every episode. Damn, Yu Yu Hakusho is pretty damn good.

I do not keep up with this thread so this may be a repost SOA is based off of novels. It was some kind of pastry. Also do NOT listen to. Don’t watch it right after finishing Cross Game cuz they’re both by the same author, so the similarities will be distracting. Imo, I would say another season. I ship Izuku x Himiko. Anime novice checking in It keeps getting better and better. Donations Donate using Paypal! It moves quickly and remains consistently good throughout.

I would love that taecher so tenderly it would make Tomoya’s love for Nagisa look silly but strictly sexual: Sinbad going all out would require an epic opponent.


You should check it out. Why only season 1? I think to hide her wrinkles rofl. Make sure to increase quality.

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Kind of want to pick up Magi again cuz of all the hype itt. Or Brotherhood had a weak ending animeulitma people went “pepper your angus” but I see so often – “SAO had a pretty weak second half” and it’s like you insulted their favorite Kpop fan and everyone attacks you. I think the fact that Jura is the ‘strongest human wizard’ doesn’t take into account the special training that the members of FT had? Cross Game the goat. – Starcraft 2 SEA eSports Community Site

Hajime is totally gonna die. Yozora is miscer bro, socially awkward as phuck. Out of everything listed so far here, I’d dare say the best right now. Railgun is getting boring, but you should all check out Gatchaman Crowds, that shit is so raven.

Ahimeultima Season 3 – Don’t really see people talking about this series. I’m at the part when Dio puts on the mask, I hate this phaggot so much wait, you finally epizode JoJo?