They’re either still too young, or lack half of a brain. Hope you’ll you read it! More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: It only lost a lot of its massive potential. Hoping for another season, or at least that the LNs get translated. My what a nice shadow you have there Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

What the hell is on your head?! Obligatory not enough fight scenes for my ADD to enjoy boring anime. It was pretty boring most of the time, but I did enjoy all the humorous parts of the show. It had a lot of enjoyable moments, just not that many. Interesting series overall, but it was really hard for me to watch it. Gosh what is wrong with you coldness?! Well, I personally loved it.

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 1! The main criticism I would levy is that at times they seem to assume a detailed knowledge of the source material so we get quick cuts between major scenes or small time skips from one high point in the action to another without any explanation of what has happened in between.

I had some hope that it would be similar to Spice and Wolf, just because of the similar setting and the same Seiyuu for the main two characters and I even liked the first few episodes very much. I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. I know what you meant, but this: Like a wonderful game that involves the entire continent’s money!


Go and lose your virginity! I loved how much this series was fun to watch and how my education actually supplemented the fun-factor in learning from Maou and the rest of the gang. The latter tends to be the case.

Over all despite a few pacing issues near the end and the wasted episode this was by far my favorite and near enough the only anime this season that I’ve watched all the way though. Though I’m sure it’s just an impression It was just enough to enjoy watching a bit I guess. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I think it’s already been indicated that they are willing to share. Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Saturday, April 6, Mau Maou Yuusha episode XD But soon Winter will be behind me and it is on to Spring!

Judging people, because they like something is irrational. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 12 Discussion. Actually that would animrseason a pretty sick show – StopDropAndBowl.

So MAL finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old? I would be checking that food if I were you guys! Regarding the finale, the night scenes were kinda tense.

Also, I wonder how the war will go.

The anime was short and sweet and kept me wanting more from the get-go but this is merely a prelude for more to yusuha. Well the finale episode was okay.

Could have easily been better.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 12 Discussion

It might work better with 24 episodes. Newer Post Older Post Home. You should ask people, why they like something. Doesn’t the weather know I live in Florida? Well, it’s good to see her again in this episode. It was so fast paced that at times that I thought I was watching a recap. I liked this anime, though I think it was way too short.


It started really good and had a nice premise but the execution was lackluster. For me, it was quite a letdown. As much as I have a bunch of information to share about anime announced recently I cannot share it in news board, and the anime series is too disorganized and chaotic to share information except with people already interested in the particular series.

BBCode I have my own anime blog. Obligatory not enough fight scenes for my ADD to enjoy boring anime.

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XD Also, do something “flashy”. However, a normal human doesn’t want to spend so much time for one another in his lack of time, patience and motivation. Since the church orchestra some kind a holy war i would be glad to see a new season,also if it comes will have a lot of more action,and i want to see maou and yuusha at full power in battle: XD Really enjoyable, really needs another season.