Marimar reject Angelika out where it falls down on the river is filled crocodiles. Sergio able to reach the helicopter before it completely off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After her long search, Marimar Sergio decided to forgive and unite again. It started feeling the rise of the bitter reality of her love for Sergio to himself. Retrieved from ” https: He was spotted by a couple without children, Lola and Lolo Pancho Cruz, and knowing that Marimar suffered amnesia, decided to keep Marimar as their own grandchildren. Angelika tells Marimar she was killed Esperanza.

He has told Marimar went to a beach where he called on the phone Marimar. Sergio suddenly saw Bella, and recognizes himself as Marimar. On their way back to Manila, they take a passenger plane crash into the sea and separated from his parents’ Marimar. Finally, Marimar once again decided to leave the country to arrange for his return. Dolores, Gustavo mother, believes Lupita married her only for their wealth and try to do everything to separate the two. Lupita air Marimar promise that one day will demand what is his title.

Sergio, with Cruzita, driving a car that is driven by Elliott to go to church. One day, Esperanza visited his cousin, his parents brought the news of the accident.

Nicandro, an employee at the Angelika, Angelika shot on the direction of Renato.

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Matters become more complicated when Lupita Gustavo birth, which he called Marimar. Natalia, a girl crazy and wanted to dream big from San Martin dela Costa, who is also hated Marimar when he was living at the Villa Santibanez, has seized the pendant Marimar before leaving the Villa Santibanez, and the pendant is a will to prove the identity of the missing daughter of Gustavo and heir. Marimar realize that Elliott will not stop to destroy him and his family until he decides to finally fight back the Angelika.


She did not know, Sergio is also in the area and fight people who are still hovering Angelika instruction. However, Renato had to escape from the hospital before the Angelika and the staff appeared. Views Read Edit View mzrimar. Retrieved March 8, Lupita later found dead, but Marimar is not known. Marimar to sea in a boat provided by Angelika third and finally decided to save Cruzita.

The series concluded on Marimag 14, with a total of episodes. However, Renato brought by Dra. Sergio and Angelika Cruzita placed in two different boats with bombs tied to their chests. The contract with Televisa for the rights stipulates that GMA Network should start the series in Meanwhile, the adoptive father visited Angelika Angelika in prison and he plans to escape from prison and Angelika Angelika can work with it to destroy eepisode marriage of Sergio and Marimar.

After a series of police intervention, Angelika involved in the shooting and then caught fire. Angelika plan failed, but he provides another trap for Marimar.

When he returned to the Philippines, Marimar meets Rodolfo San Jinez, a businessman who intends to marry her because his family company was losing money.

Sergio suddenly saw Bella, and recognizes himself as Marimar. Meanwhile, Marimar and Angelika Angelika helicopters fought in a want to leave.


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After her long search, Marimar Sergio msrimar to forgive and unite again. Sergio and the others knew that Elliott was responsible for the killings but were unable to find incriminating evidence against him because Elliott has a knife with a thumb print blouse with the blood of Marimar and Esperanza.

Inadvertently end of their third three shot but not seriously. Lola Cruz called Marimar after seeing the name on the necklace Marimar. He was spotted by a couple without children, Lola and Lolo Pancho Cruz, and knowing that Marimar suffered amnesia, decided to keep Marimar as their own grandchildren.

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Natalia began to pretend to be the missing daughter of Gustavo, but his deception did not last long as Marimar lost memory back to Natalia tv33 proven liar. Renato finally united with revenge on Sergio and Angelika.

In town, it gave birth to a beautiful woman she named after her grandmother Lola Cruz Cruzita. Unbeknownst to Renato, Angelika place a marmiar in food Renato, to weaken the memory.

Elliott rode out together with other eplsode after a bomb was detonated to open the wall. Marimar changed its name to Bella. This article is about Philippine television series. It is not known Marimar, Angelika plan Aldamas fall heir to Sergio.