The main character is Vindice or Vendice who lives away from the court. It was revived in at the Olympic Theatre in London, and was not acted again until the s, with a production in at Southampton University and then at Oxford University. Although Pietro threatens to kill him. Ferdinand places a spy, Bosola, in the house. Jacobean and Caroline Drama. The king restores his kingdom to Philaster. She is deeply offended by his refusal and plans revenge, using Soranzo’s servant Vasquez. And Malevole may have more surprises up his jester’s sleeve.

She disguises herself as her brother, fights a duel with Amintor, who wounds her; as she is dying, Evadne arrives from killing the king, hoping now to be accepted by Amintor but he spurns her and she kills herself. There was a professional staging in by Jonathan Miller , [6] and further student productions in , by the ADC Theatre in Cambridge performed in modern dress , and in by the English Department at Boston University. Mainly set in Iberia. The ear; disapproves, sends Lacy to France, but he returns disguised as a Dutch shoemaker and becomes a servant in the house of Simon Eyre who supplies shoes to the lord mayor. He plots Antonio’s death and successfully woos Andrugio’s widow. However, The Malcontent seemed to some contemporaries to be, like Marston’s later plays, a lashing of the new, bumptious, and corrupt Scottish courtiers, and some specific satire is certain. The degree to which the play is a comment on the court of James I and the immorality of his courtiers is debatable, as the satire is, by and large, general enough to fit any court.

There is a subplot involving a comic lieutenant who is marvelously brave when he thinks he is sick, but his courage fails him when he is well. Antonio fears for his own life and orders their immediate execution. Brachiano does just that, as he had hoped. Antonio comes to Piero’s court in disguise to see Mellida and they elope, but Mellida is captured. Mainly set in Iberia.


Antonio comes and Bosola stabs him in the dark by mistake. Ferdinand places a spy, Bosola, in the house. Eliot’s The Waste Land.

The fumes of the second cause instant death. Actually, her husband is not dead but disguised as Richardetto, a doctor, preparing revenge against his wife. Retrieved 10 October Yet Marston also praised Jonson in print, and worked collaboratively with him and George Chapman on the comedy Eastward Howhich got all its authors except Marston in prison for libel.

They are free to marry, Tigranes is reconciled with Spaconia. Finally madmen perform a masque showing how mad Ferdinand thinks she has been, before her coffin and ropes are brought in. Cheerful and eccentric, Eyre is the play’s central “character”.

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The effect when spoken by a boy actor Joseph Marshall is rather odd. Flamineo is found by Ludovico demanding amlcontent from Vittoria; he sends them off to die. The satirist is the means by which the rightful prince is restored to power. Set in a London theatre, where the actors are about to start a play called “The London Merchant”. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Wendoll reappears, Anne flees. For the most part, Mendoza’s plan works, yet unbeknownst to him Ferneze is not killed but escapes, injured. He is arrested for attempted assassination. Mirabell likes women but is not interested in getting married.

The malcontent

She is found guilty of adultery, but not of murder. Perhaps the contemporary audience was similarly amused, though one feels they would have been more attuned to the words and their import, and hence more stirred by the savagery within. Retrieved 15 March While Malevole schemes in Genoa, his wife Maria mlcontent been imprisoned, faithfully awaiting his return.

On their wedding night, Evadne reveals that she is the king’s mistress, cannot sleep with him, wants him to pretend they are married. Altofronto returns disguised as Malevole, a systematic “malcontent” or cynical observer of life. As she is dying, her husband comes for a last encounter in which they are reconciled in forgiveness. The main character is Vindice or Vendice who lives away from the court.


The Duchess is wooing Spurio. Bosola arrives to find out if the Cardinal was also involved in the Duchess’s death. Her companion Altea has a brother, Leon, who hears of her plan and pretends to be a fool until after the marriage, when he drops the disguise, asserts his authority over her, and gains her affection.

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Return to Top of Page. He becomes a Grocer-errant instead of Knight-errant with a burning pestle on malconteent shield, and rescues the prisoners of Barbarossa a barber-surgeon. Brachiano pardons him conditionally then slowly begins to die, thanks to a poisoned “beaver” hat prepared by Ludovico. She will never marry. The Duchess of Malfi ? Philaster gives her Bellario, a page-boy he has found, to bring messages to him.

Set in ancient Sparta. The Spanish Tragedy in the course of which everyone but the Cardinal is killed in various astonishing ways, including poisoned wine, poisoned incense, arrows shot by a row of cupids, and a trap-door. The Cardinal is elected Pope and learns by chance that his brother has persuaded Count Ludovico to malcontrnt to kill Brachiano.

Then the Cardinal confesses that there had been no poison, the so-called antidote was a ghe he had prepared for the Duchess. Wolfort wants to marry Bertha in order to gain Brabant.

The Malcontent

The king asks Amintor to break his engagement to Aspatia and marry Evadne, who is sister to his friend Melantius. Consider these words from The Malcontentspoken by Malevole, and imagine them being uttered by Edmund Blackadder:. Hernando, a soldier whom Columbo has wronged, kills Columbo in a duel. One of the best-known television comedies of our times does that far better.