So possibly JKS made his suggestions and the crew might have decided to adopt them And lizzy, i wanna say thanks for all your hilarious comments — really enjoyed them: Man, I hate wasting the time, the effort and disk space to download a mb-per-episode drama with a mediocre script. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Once again coming back to shoot at Hongdae, when there was 10 hours before MMM broadcast. I’m sure for his next acting project, he would take a closer look at the scripts and the writers…. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thx for the recap!!!

Posted by Stephanie at 7: And being his usual charming and frank self, he mentioned the arguments and the difference of opinion about filming and thanked the other actors for fighting for their characters. Mary and Mu-gyul arrive at a campsite in the woods, and lie down in the cabin, dead tired from the long night. And then wants him to sign a contract with him. Hajung December 8, at 9: Oh wait did I just define kdrama. The next day, Mary offers to talk Mu-gyul into signing the contract, because illogical turnarounds are her specialty. Anyone with a good eye confirm this??

LOL Thank you for your wonderful recaps they have been so much fun. Sweetie December 9, at 2: Episodes by odilettante.

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Episodes by odilettante. Though I understand most of the raw episode thanks to excellent actingstayeed side comments are fun and imaginative. Notify me of new posts via email.

You should be proud with actors and concentrate more on storyline!! I wish them the best. According to this work, a condition of the negative evaluations or the falling watching ratings surely would cause to lose enthusiasm in the stand as an actor. She needs to move on.


As a drama addict, she better knows better and to trust kang Mu Gyul. And the Dads do essentially the same thing every episode.

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On its bare bones this drama lacks a lot but is carried quite a bit by the fact that it has an amazing cast with off the charts chemistry that make these characters much more bearable and interesting then they would of been had they all acted by less capable people. As ordinary non-paid member, you can only access a few sections. He should have done the whole thing from start but oh well. But after that HGD ending, in my mind, i re-created a happy ending that i wanted, and also developed my own plot for a Chang Hwe sequel where all the main characters are alive marg well, and how Chang Hwe found the love of his life in the end after many dramatic tribulations of course.

The difference between manhwa and this drama is almost night and day. Just done watching M Mary reels in the aftermath, devastated by the kiss. Am really hoping that they will step-up on the ‘heart’ which I think is etayed inherent that a drama either has or totally lack.

Of course they would want to market him. Just keep on doing such a great work! I enjoy it niggt lot!!! Everything was not that easy. I had the impression that he is the kind who likes to read, write and think about things.

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My hope is she picks neither rather than that. The 2 months was really fun though I had to sacrifice some sleep. She has to share her man with the public in close proximity or physical touching or sometimes leading to intimacy. It was too awesome!


So much fun to watch! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. And being his usual charming and frank self, he mentioned the arguments and the difference of opinion about filming and thanked the other actors for fighting for their characters. When can I find the preview of ep. My gut tells me that this show has that quality but they are yet to bring it all on! I think the 2 are really cute together, but I don’t know the story isn’t keeping me interested.

I was literally thinking HGD makes a surprise trip to the palace because he has heard of CCH, the gifted physician who can work miracles. I would not be surprised if that was indeed what happened. She sends him home with a wave from her window, and little Mu-gyul walks home alone. Happy New Year to all!! Tues 29 Dec at around 4 pm or 5 pm plus?

Plus he probably felt an extra load of guilt for roping MGY into it. Something tells me he agreed way too easily…. Written Preview for Episode 6: Last but not least…Koala. I love MGY act but she is cool wanting to finished her school,no wonder she is smart in acting. Just want to help. They have good taste in those countries! Thank You Thank you so much…. I have a feeling Jung In is going to win in the end. Have fun reminiscing about M3 and shooting the breeze and any slings and arrows.

November 22, at 4: Thanks for the recap!

Seriously, inputting “in bed” at the end of their conversations together makes perfect sense.