I didn’t buy them because of that,but loved the look!! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Alternatively, you can also create your own time phase, and choose your own intensities per channel at 8 time points. Find More Posts by mrbadfish. All times are GMT So keep the opinions or experiances coming for what you noticed for light density, was it spotty, does a 24″ wide tank get 24″ of light etc. Use of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement.

Maxspect includes extension cables, that allow you to daisy chain everything together. I agree with crasy4reefs, i had a problem with my C channel and got no response from maxspect usa and even got my order with a missing 70 degree optic! Mazarra Maxspect Radion – http: Each ballast can run two modules, and the controller. Pics of the lights and my reef tank with them on are below. While I dig the the ability to angle the light, I think my favorite aspect is the quality of light spectrum. N ew LED fixtures continue to be introduced into the hobby.

Find More Posts by saltlifefan You must log in or sign up to reply here. The results are plotted as a Spectral power distribution plot.

Maxspect Mazarra P-Series Unboxing & Impressions

I chose these initially because of their versatility with mounting and used them for 1. I know I am going to have fun getting my money back! I used 3 units on my tank and bought the extra module as a backup geview for a frag QT tank. The design and functionality are exceptional. The first pick of my tank was taken shortly after putting the tank together.

The Actinic UV chips are more delicate to solder, and can be easily damaged with pressure.


I attribute it to the fact that most fixtures stick to cool white LEDs to compliment the blue. So far I have a -1 from a fellow reefer due to their customer service.

CoralVue and Maxspect were quick to respond, and rebiew me figure out the cause. Maybe someone else tested them at more depth with 70 or 40 optics, but I haven’t found them yet.

How much on two panels and power supply? Previous Article Todd Gardner shatters Liopropoma event horizon – captive bred basslets are real.

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Outside of Dallas TX Posts: The time now is East Pilsen Heights – Chicago. This is the only one I found: Reefs with minimalist aquascapes could pull it off. BB code is On. There are some unhappy customers on RC.

Originally Posted by James Robert. Each of these was tested using the same maxsepct up as my previous reflector tests, using a 3’X3′ grid with a spacing of 3″ in the X,Y direction.

My Metal Halide fixture was suspended from the ceiling, and I decided to do the same with the Mazarras. I asked on the Maxspect facebook page what was going on only to have my posts deleted within seconds.

Jan 24, Messages: Lastly, it lets you add a little weather for fun. Log in or Sign up. As LED lighting moves further into the mainstream, there is new effort being made to provide a fuller spectrum light that can be tuned by the aquarist to satisfy both the demands of the corals as well as the visual pleasure of the aquarist. I think the Mazarras really shine with the wireless controller.

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Data was collected at full power output for the individual channels of light control eg. Specifically, there is an increase in the number of LED fixtures providing a more fuller color spectrum with multiple channels of control, allowing the user more freedom in custom tuning the light output.


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Maxspect Mazarra P, the Full Review

Jul 27, Messages: Even with the wider optics, using 3 modules is a stretch to illuminate an entire 6-foot aquarium. Mark van der Wal.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the results you guys, thats a huge difference and more so for a Canadian customer, Maxspect is like So, in everyones maxspecf, all im looking for is controllable lighting that isnt spotty. In my opinion the support was thorough and quick.

I’d love to see some real-world PAR readings This is huge for me as I live in Canada and things just take longer to get done with american companies to canada. Originally Posted by saltlifefan Maxspect par is extremly poor.

Maxspect includes extension cables, that allow you to daisy chain everything together. FCC regulations require us to inform you that we were given this product for review but our opinion and review of a product is never affected by how we acquire it.