Vistaspa is the vispatis of the Notarya, hence notaranam as surname of his residence. The signification comes near to Gr. And the fragment quoted above says: Through her she was even more au- gust than Cambyses and Smerdis. He was one of the most passionate champions of the concept of the high antiquity of Zoroaster. Bartholomae puts down a special fern, form vrzana. If his name appears in the document, Smerdis must have joined the circle around Vikaspa and Zoroaster, as did his sister Atossa. This was done by the fleet under the command of their admiral, Scylax of Caryanda, a Carian.

Geiger , to Bapi’di’i?!: But it is so little transformed that it remains unfit for a credo, and that the original is easily abstracted from it. He overlooked that would be B. With these two remarks, the Videvdad describes the very capitals of its period, hiisaya and Raga, as the Greek towns Alexan- dropolis and Europos. The sequence is one of rank and dignity. Military service, duties of blood revenge, law of marriage and inheritance, bail and liability are all based on it.

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Thus the idea of mszika nation originates. These sentences are devices in the Old Oriental manner, containing a religious-political program, reveal- ing the religion of their bearers as clearly as do the names of the Assyrian and Babylonian kings or of the caliphs. Harim Soltan 3, episode 34 en ligne Modablaj 18 alhiba. Bartholomae puts down a special fern, form vrzana. By making use of this question, detached from its context, the author tries merely to construe the much younger system into the old myth of VidevdM 2, to which it is foreign.

Daiaukku of the annals of Sargon II, I. Knudtzon, Gebete an d. Although no tradition can ever have put Zoroaster and Plato into chronological relation, the words contain something genuine; they combine two thoughts: The small so,tan is not in forbut in Germ, horig, gehoren, gehorchen.

Darius, son of VikaSPa says: First, there is no word manis, but only a second element of a few nn. Such families are hvetu and kavi, and the Franya seem to have been like the Spitama, a Median family. His name is a hypocoristic of a compound in -hvarnah. After the defeat of his son, Artarewa opened negotiations which Amestris persuaded her son, the king, to approve.


No geographical question of longitude and latitude enters into the problem. Ray, is first mentioned in the Beh. The Sasanians, with their xenophobe tendencies, aban- doned it, just as they renounced the title philhellen, and the occasion was the reform of the calendar under Ardashir I, a. Individuals are designated, as in other IE. Kishmar lies close enough to Tosa, the residence of Vihaspa, for them to be regarded as the same.

The misunderstanding of family and proper names caused the mis- understanding of the whole relationship. Procopius deals with the xavapdyyai, Drams. From notarya again the IE.

All these were and always remained magi: And the caliph ordered to seal it, and called Muhammad b. This notion is so old that it appears already in a branch of Greek tradition which makes Ninus wage drmaa against Hystaspes and Zoroastres in Bactria. As a rule, the Greeks render the Ir. The law of other peoples of IE. In the preface to his Infinitives avestiques Benveniste says something to the effect that future Iranistic studies are bound to be in controversy with the Wdrterbuch.

The definition slotan the notion naba.

Schrader compared with it the name of the Thracians: The Elam, cuneiform tablets of Persepolis teach that the magi, like the Muhammedan qadi, had the juridical and financial administration in their hands.

Especially the beds, gatavo, are described: Thereafter, this writing was sent everywhere into the provinces as I had ordered. The nobility is called hvetu for being related to each other, the marriage, for being contracted between relatives.

Zoroaster fitted the metaphor of the race-course and therewith the Aryan concept of an aeon of 9, years into his own picture of the world, and, in Y.

In Iranian tradition, down to the Muhammedan period, Eranvez is never anything but the aboriginal home, the country on Cf. The throne names are devices, with a religious meaning; therefore vahu is used, meaning the same as vahu- manah, evvoia, evvofiia. Ctesias regards them as half-brothers of Cambyses and Smerdis, and hence makes them receive satrapies when Cyrus settled the succession. And the residence of the Awestic Vistaspa was. That is only logical, because the Arsacids, as long as they used the era of Alexander, considered it to be a dynastic era, beginning, as later their own, with the accession of the founder.


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After all these eliminations there remains an astonishingly well preserved list of probably exactly names, 24 of them names of women. It is badly transmitted and can be understood only by comparing it with a passage in Djuwaini 1,22, ?.

The poorly preserved text of Ctesias says: To these names we can attach: The Videvdad describes Raga with its hyperscepsis as the Greek town Europos.

This notion, not only pre-Zoroastrian but pre-Iranian, is pure myth, not mixed with mystics, astronomy or theology. The anonymous charioteer of Chares of Mytilene, hence, is Visatarus of the yasht. Thus an envoy was sent to Bagabuxsa.

It is not only improbable, but definitely wrong. To these names belongs also Damaspia, wife of Artaxerxes I, i. Wherever, with people of IE.

Herodotus reconciled what he had heard from Iranians — their legend — with what he had read in Greek logographs, and therefore his presentation has evident similari- ties with the kavi legend. The intercalation to be expected years after that of Xusrau was prevented by the Arab conquest. Usual modern spelling, but as careful an observer as the botanist Haussknecht wrote Herzin.