I can appreciate how something is disturbing or fucked up without feeling physically or mentally affected by it myself. Weird88 Arrebato -aka- Rapture If you’re not convinced by me saying that, maybe watching shorts that want-to-shock-but-fail-to for 2 hours and 15 minutes will. Weirdx Sharktopus vs. Weird99 Izbavitelj – The Rat Saviour Weirdx Kung Fury

Weird07 Oldboy Weirdx Crash by David Cronenberg Weirdx Blackenstein Weird58 Spasmo Weirdx Long Weekend Norm The Gravedancers Norm Knife Of Ice Ronald McDonald Playground Slaughter!

NEW Oldboy Weird80 Big Ass Spider Weird62 Death Note 2: Red 2 – Trailer.

Weirdx Sharktopus vs. Coincidentally, my review of “Captains Pride, Volume 33 Restored ” is pretty much a short version of my review of “Faces of Snuff”, because there is few moments in this very, very long movie that stand out as anything interesting.

Fyll doesn’t happen often though, and the most notable gull for me are “August Underground” and the first “Guinea Pig”. Like us on Facebook Follow filmbizarro. Weird91 Dogra Magra Weird58 Spasmo Weird96 The Ninth Configuration The Ultimate Horror Weird99 Izbavitelj – The Rat Saviour Norm Snowpiercer There are probably a ton of ways to do that, but the filmmakers behind these shorts all decided to go with the most typical and unoriginal ideas.


XXX Vegetarierinnen zur Fleischeslust gezwungen 2 Weirdx Pin, A Flul Nightmare Weird24 Haze Weirdx Weekend Weirdx Robo Vampire XXX Orgasmo Esotico XXX Wet Wilderness Norm Knife Of Ice I love that idea, yet something about this particular compilation rubs me the wrong way.

The Man Who Eats Roadkill.

Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth (MDPOPE) – THE MOVIE () – Red Band Trailer – FC2 Video

XXX Jesus Christ: Weird65 Time -aka- Shi gan Weirdx The Stuff AnimGore33 Bible Black Origins XXX Hardgore. Weird64 Razorback Weirdx Immortal Weird40 Faust AnimGore05 Happy Tree Friends.

gull Weirdx The Oily Maniac -aka- You gui zi Weird45 Conspirators of Pleasure Again, it’s unfortunate that I am as harsh as I am towards this movie, but I think that if you put “Faces of” in the title, it should be a bit more than a bunch of Z-grade torture scenes put together.

AnimBizarre05 Mary and Max