New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Dec 16, 3 0 18, 0. I wonder if video encoders really use the full potential of our computers? A LOT has changed in the last year, however compatibility is going to be a problem for many. We’ve explained what HD Ready really means. Thanks for that info Hans I will take down this is what I was actually looking for. So for example for playback of a p video on a 4K screen, where the TV does a crappy job in upscaling the video, but your transcoder does a fantastic job.

You just saved my life so much! Feb 24, – With proper hardware, HandBrake sure flies …. I have a simple question I have an old computer I plan to upgrade so I can do more encoding properly. Debut Video Capture S Oct 18, – 2:

You make a valid point concerning the black bars, especially since the actually space saving is minimal.

Video Video compression picture types. You advice to set it to placebo, but the only thing this does is make the file a little smaller at the expense of a lot of encoding time and sometimes even some quality. Many people refer to blend and combing artifacts as “ghosting”. I have never tried this though, and I have no clue about the impact in quality.

Note The psnr and ssim tune options disable all optimizations that sacrafice metric scores for perceived visual quality also known as psycho-visual optimizations.


File size is not the greatest issue so I wanted to go for file that including HD audio are around gb. Lower deblocking is used here. Want to add to the discussion? Nediacoder 9, – 1: Sep 21, – 6: Use h at Quality 22 to 26 whatever you like, smaller looks better and at medium to placebo speed slower offers better file size but it takes longer.


Its a preset for fiom with a few tweeks to allow 16 reference frames and other stuff instead of what is normally allowed. You might be surprised how much space audio channels take up.

Seems some of the latest Intel chipsets might offer support for this as well. Your Comment Your Comment – Required! I had similar issues when usung h. You can read them below.

AC3 or DTS passthrough if available on the original video. Can you point me to a preset that can set this up in Handbreak for me or at least let me know which settings I should change from the default if any to get the desired result? Same as source Codec: Forum Video Video Conversion the meaning of various tunings in x Sep 13, – 9: My old pc is okay but for a 2hr video to encode for 3days seems a drain to the pc.

What would you recommend for Game Recordings for the Tune setting? How does it work? Feb 5, – Television and computer monitor manufacturers can be a sly bunch, using different acronyms to disguise hardware capabilities.

Photo Size Optimizer is a light-weight program that works great in compressing photos. More reference frames are used. In the course of a 2 hour movie I can expect one or two of these choppy episodes. Decreasing resolution will only decrease the video quality and there are better ways to reduce the file size.

Your website optional Your website – Optional. Overriding the —tune grain settings might result in grain strobing, especially when enabling features like –aq-mode and –cutree that modify per-block QPs within a given frame. As fast as possible? You can even check out a Preview of the lowered resolution before you commit.


Choose MP4 as the container. Mediacode video expert, video hosting site, and video editor says that you should keep your video at the same frame rate that it was recorded in. Remember, go step by step, you might hit your intended target size much before you need to reduce the resolution or the bitrate.

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Do you have similar recommendations for preferred audio settings? Hexed Quick Sync Settings for Mediacoder at ultra settings. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of tund website is subject to these policies. Tne even with black bar inside your video, your devices will add its own black bar to fit it in its screen and you may get black bars two times with smaller video resolution.

Here are some of the best free ones. Both are so called containers, as is AVI. My TV has a native 24fps film mode which holds steady during these frame rate drops.

Previous Next Sort by votes. Using this is even good for getting action movies compressed.