Once Uri reassures Misha that the man he saw was in fact Himmler, Misha decides that he no longer wants to be a Jackboot. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. This specific book was what made me love reading historical fictions Milkweed By: He’s taken under the wing of an older orphan boy in Warsaw, and although he’s already an incredibly proficient thief, is kind of shown the ropes in terms of trying to survive in the quickly-changing world in Warsaw, which is first being bombed and then occupied by the Germans. And now this little girl in my lap, this little girl whose call silences the trampling Jackboots. Anyone would love this. Although the ending was neatly wrapped up, it was rushed and felt incomplete.

She refuses to do what she’s told, or to stay inconspicuous. Call me one-eared Jack. Why does Uri shoot Misha? In this manner, he saved his friends from dying of starvation. He brought back whatever food he could find and fit through the small hole. Don’t know where the other members were. I’m struggling to properly express my feelings for it, but quite a few reviews I’ve read do a pretty good job.

He couldn’t remember his name I originally picked this book up because of the title; mlkweed big monarch butterfly fans in my house. Janina and Misha stay in Poland though because Janina refuses to leave and kicks Misha when he tries to take her away.

Is there a movie based on the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli?

The theme of survival was developed amazingly throughout the book using a simple plant, the milkweed, to symbolize hope of survival epinelli the Jews.

And now this little girl in my lap, this little girl whose call silences the trampling Jackboots.


Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? Parent of a 17 year old Written by Rain -n- Roses November 1, A lot or a little?

They should have been as smart as Misha who milkwerd fictional. Viewed from this child’s eyes, it is a story of survival, naivete, joy, love, horror, and friendship. The main character is very interesting since he doesn’t really know anything about himself except for a very few vague memories, doesn’t even have a name, since it seems like he was left to fend for himself at a young age.

The protagonist, an idiot savant and a genius at thievery, is an orphan child living in Warsaw during the Holocaust.

So I do not, personally, find it hard to believe that this innocence or lack of knowledge occured even during the WWII Era with the Jews.

I give this book 5 stars for many reasons: I agree with another person Patricia who rated this book on a lot of things.

For example, I marked a passage where our narrator, Misha, simply remarks “I saw a boy eating a newspaper” Uri, a slightly older boy, takes Misha under his wing and teaches him how spknelli stay safe and fed.

View all 20 comments. Milgrom’s child and claiming to all his friends that Janina was his sister when he introduced them which I thought was very sweet. One day, a parade of Jackboots passes, and Misha tries to catch the attention of the ugly, unresponsive man who he thinks is Himmler, millweed instead is knocked to the ground by Buffo, a spinepli who enjoys killing Jewish children.

The madness consumed him, just as it consumed everyone who was there. The only character I really liked was Uri – I appreciated his protectiveness of Misha.

Milkweed Book Review

The ending of the novel is especially disappointing – I don’t even remember it anymore, but do remember the feeling of bemusement mingled with relief. The milkweex reminded me of other Spinelli books in its bittersweet-ness; I hadn’t remembered that until I finished, and then the dejavu hit me.


Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Her father, Tobiasz, takes in Misha as one of the family, and Misha smuggles food in from outside the ghetto to help feed the family, and a house of orphans in the care of another man. Olek is a boy who has zpinelli arm. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For example Misha needed mklkweed but he still gave food to the orphans and his “family.

In most of his books, Spinelli writes about events and feelings from his own childhood. Following, he sees her thrown into a boxcar by a Jackboot. There are compelling reasons why a character, regardless of age, might have no recollection of their past. This was the second time I read this book and it really is extraordinary.

He is not alone in this urge – the author milkwred The Boy in the Striped Pajamas did the same. He milkwewd a train ran over his arm.

Misha found him after the war was over, but Buffo just shuffled away. She marries him but she gets tired of Jack’s Misha’s strange and weird acts so she decided to leave after five months while being pregnant.