Over the years, I was fortunate enough to interview Hedberg in my capacity as a newspaper reporter, watch him perform as a fan, and even open for him onstage as a comedian. That mind that saw the world anew and shared it with us. I said, “Fuck that – I’ll just make a copy! Shawcroft mentioned that Hedberg was always on the lookout for new material, to the point he would sometimes document their conversations. Hedberg was often compared to Steven Wright due to the low-key delivery of both comedians, but Hedberg hardly seemed a Seinfeld type. Jimmy Dore ponders poverty, criminal justice and his own sexuality. He had severe stage fright.

Find Comedy Near You Discover stand-up coming to your town. She relives them on stage. Then he revisits his life in rural Maine where he spent nearly five years as a small-town cop and proudly abused AAA’s free automotive roadside assistance in this half-hour stand-up comedy special. This Week’s Top Trailers. He toured constantly and was a favorite among other comedians. He might not have been the next Seinfeld, but he didn’t need to be.

Vic Henley explores his southern roots in this half-hour stand-up special.

Comedy Central Presents : Mitch Hedberg (uncensored)

What answer are you hoping I give? Not so much for the comedy scene, but for the sun. Bruce Bruce expresses his love for white people and glazed doughnuts. In the fight itself, he explains how fights can become jokes, then later writes down the fight where they fought about fights becoming jokes, and it’s all just very meta.

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Comedian Chad Daniels talks about “jinxing” his wife after becoming intimate with her. I said, “Fuck that – I’ll just make a copy! Even so, Hedberg more often than not managed to fulo at combining one-liners with audience engagement in a manner that, despite its oddities, managed to win back the crowd. DeRay defines his patented “DeRay Ways” on dating, clubbing, and funerals in this stand-up special.


Bill Burr confesses his issues with beautiful women at baseball games in this stand-up special. Mitch walked on stage and performed his entire show to those twelve people, ignoring the hundreds of people laughing hysterically behind him.

Fields’s daughter in this stand-up special. Cmedy Yorker Gregg Rogell shares his plans to combat terrorism and roaming cell phone charges in this Comedy Central original stand-up special. Mitch Hedberg was, and is, one of my favorite comedians of all time. ecntral

The untold truth of Mitch Hedberg

More Mitch Hedberg Video. Bil Dwyer vents his frustration with married preswnts and fatherhood in this Comedy Central original stand-up special. He wrote”Would you be interested in co-sponsoring a tour?

Watch our trailer of trailers. Perhaps the worst part of it is that he knew he had a problem, but rather than kick the habit, he attempted to moderate it.

Audible Download Audio Books. Eddie Brill explains why learning English is so tricky and how not to pick a nickname in this stand-up special. Dwayne Kennedy declares his convictions about spirituality, racial equality and pork and in this half-hour stand-up special.

Todd Lynn decries his “man-breasts” and the mice that terrorize his apartment in this half-hour stand-up special.

Stephen Lynch gets in touch with his inner child as he sings songs of friendship and prostitution in this half-hour special. EPISODE Greer Barnes Greer Barnes talks about how he spends his nights chasing white people, why two men playing ping pong on the street corner is suspicious, and his love of sandals in this half hour stand up special. Brian Regan explains why real men don’t work out or diet in this half-hour stand up special.


Nick Swardson discusses why he wants to own various zoo animals and what he would do if he found a valuable treasure in this half-hour stand-up special. Harland Williams reveals all of his off-the-wall thoughts and experiences. The audience is onboard and loves his completely original delivery. At one point, he just sits down on stagelooking defeated, but keeps going.

History junky Tom Shillue uncovers the hidden sexuality in our nation’s Constitution in this Comedy Central original stand-up special. He was happy to help new comedians.

Chicago native Ty Barnett demystifies his home town and explains how he deals with racial profiling in this half-hour stand-up special. He liked to write his stand-up at Cebtral. Hedberg performed at Birbiglia’s CD release party.

His wife, Lynn Shawcroft has spoken about his writing style. Posted by Sean L. Mitch Hedberg Posted by Sean L. Benny recreates the sounds of the city, from cabbies to supers to neighborhood sushi chefs in this half-hour stand-up special. Richard Jeni has recipes for the single guy in this half-hour stand-up special. Comedian Bob Marley uses food as an analogy to explain the wonders of marriage in this half-hour stand-up comedy special. Discover the sharp wit and dirty mind behind Jimmy Carr’s mild-mannered demeanor in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.