At 4pm the audience — a capacity crowd of — took up their positions on little stools in the middle of the entrance hall. Monday 25 February That sense of fun is the saving grace for much of the piece, Stockhausen has an eye for mischief and as realised in Birmingham we all felt part of it including getting splashed as the paddling pool was going past overhead. He describes Stockhausen in terms of wonder: The duo performance from Aus den Sieben Tagen, particularly Aufwarts upwards was very good at the Conservertoire and fascinating in context with the music of Mittwoch. On the night I felt this was not unrelated to the ascent image, or to the general theme of change or transformation, processes undertaken by the audience as much as the characters.

In the last solo, the double-bass player becomes convulsed in an obsessive-compulsive fit of scraping and groaning, until the appearance of the mysterious figure of a mummy who, with a stroke on a Chinese gong, releases the bassist from his affliction Kohl I am certain my appreciation of the theatrical effects would now be much greater and would not distract from the music. The message is resolutely warm, heartfelt and loving, moving in and out of language, space and time. Latest videos See more Latest videos. The most devastating difference is in the cello playing on CD and in Birmingham. Skip to content The Rambler Modern composition.

However, the recording of the solos for the CD was made quite early, when even not all of the electronic music was finished — rather odd, when you think about it. The things I took away birjingham spiritually, if you like — were all positive, however ephemeral. Compositions by Karlheinz Birminfham.

That sense of fun is the saving grace for much of the piece, Stockhausen has an eye for mischief and as realised in Birmingham we all felt part of it including getting splashed as the paddling pool was going past overhead. Vick enjoys working with young singers, and in with the young second cast he is spoiled. Just when you were comfortable with the idea of a camel on stage, Stockhausen throws in a trombonist in mmittwoch paddling pool.

Questions are mittwodh taken from the audience. By using this birimngham, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In that context I also have to disagree with Ian when he liccht above: What I did notice when re-listening to the CD is how well the electronic concrete music blends and even interacts with the soloists. It is one thing to attempt a type of art which embraces the possibility that things could be different I would say most of the best art of any type does this to some extentquite another to believe that one is czst to give full shape to a future utopia.


Mittwoch aus Licht consists of four scenes, framed by a purely electronic Greeting and Farewell. In a cavernous, bare-brick room in a disused chemical factory in Birmingham, 11 musicians sit on metal chairs suspended in mid-air several metres above a concrete floor. After returning to the ground and concluding the composition, the musicians and pilots disembark and return to the auditorium, still followed by the video cameras. Skip to content The Rambler Modern composition.

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Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Yet as excellent as this opera is on its own terms, the sheer dazzling invention by Stockhausen in Michaelion with regard to vocal textures and melody goes that one step further. So I am not even sure that Stockhausen really literally believed all that stuff, like in a religion, even though he may have strongly identified with the mythology that he created.

In terms of the electronic music the moving layers are even more complicated spatially in the last scene than in Orchester Finalisten where they are organised strictly around the six cubic walls. Gradually everyone comes towards the acceptance of the Operator of course. Film 50 great quotes about acting. What is more, even though I care about that spiritual dimension in my personal moral and intellectual life, when I listen to the music it strictly interests me as music.

To find out more, including how birminggham control cookies, see here: Notify me of new comments via email. It is interesting to read the different reactions to the ASKO performance by Richard in Amsterdam and Bernard at Huddersfield — perhaps their approach to the music had improved greatly by the time they were at Huddersfield.


Stockhausen’s Mittwoch aus Licht – camels, helicopters and paint!

La Picht to the Met. You’d have to be pretty mean-spirited not to acknowledge that this was the work of a genius. The audience were invited to mingle with the cast over the electronic music muttwoch the final musical segment, Michael’s Farewell.

Lucicamel, playing the bull, wins the “bullfight” and sits on Trombonut, playing the torero. Furthermore the world premiere in Holland was presented as two rounds following the composers idea for concert performance though this was not done on the Asko tour.

Compiled by Martin Chilton.

None of the vocal ljcht melodic magic of Welt-Parlament, Duefte-Zeichen, Freitag or, when it comes to more conventional vocal drama, the first act of Donnerstag. The strangeness of this sonic and scenic world was completely immersive and disorientating — time seemed to stand still — but after 45 minutes or so, a door in the back corner of the hall was opened to radiate yellow light, and the audience was led by its glow into the next chamber for the first scene, World Parliament.

Delegates rise to present their interpretations of love, with the President commenting on each view.

It’s also because the jury’s still out on whether any of them are actually any good. Walking through a rough area of Birmingham going past industrial units and factories was csst enough and then the skies opened for a shower on Wednesday…it made for an inauspicious start to a long evening. But it has been a tortuous path for all of them. Regarding Mittwoch, I had always thought of it as the weakest part of the cycle.

All in character, and all from memory. After all the ready smiles at the mittwocg interval the effect of the more traditionally laid out scene 4 Michaelion,icht distancing, possibly appropriately because of the alien settingbut perhaps unavoidably and regrettably.

What I saw and heard in Birmingham was basically a different piece.