Episode 32 – Resurrection. Episode 21 – Duldul. Episode 38 – The Red Dream. Perished Nations – 2 Of 2 – English. Episode 14 – The Kaaba on Fire. Episode 15 – The Companions of the Elephant. Subhaan Allah kaise kaise Allah k laal thy?

Episode 16 – Reversed Horseshoe. Episode 14 – The Kaaba on Fire. Click here and let us know. Episode 21 – Duldul. Episode 38 – The Red Dream. This series is based on Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi who was an early Islamic revolutionary who led an abortive rebellion against the Umayyad Caliphs who ruled the Muslim world after the murder of Husayn ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala.

Episode 33 – The Interim Government. AKTsalama alaikum bhai plz upload next episode we are waiting for next episode mojhtarnameh ap ko is ka ajar da ga.

The Mukhtar Narrative – English Subtitles

Episode 6 – Kufa Dwellers. Javascript is required to use this website translatorfree translator.

The job you’ve done is priceless, we are helpless to give you any reward for such precious efforts. Episode 31 – The Chain of Gold.

[Serial] مختار نامه Mukhtarnama – Episode 32 – Urdu –

S ap logo ko isska ajar ata farmaye ameen suma ameem Episode 28 – The Memory of Water. He was the Arab hero who could overcome the events and lead the greatest social eppisode.


Having difficulty playing this video? Episode 19 – Tawwabeen Movement.

Refine Search Undo Refine. Episode 39 – Killing the Giant. Episode 40 – Flying. Episode 24 – The Government of Law. Episode 37 – Fire in the Canebrake. Video Source We acknowledge that ‘ShiaSoure’ for providing the original film containing the kokhtarnameh video. He adopted political and social justice, and accomplished equal opportunities among the people, regardless of their nations and religions.

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mukhtar nama episode 32 part 1

Episode 29 – On the Oven Ashes. Episode 4 – The Monster’s Slave.

Episode 10 – The Blood of God. Episode 2 – Fighting Rooster. Episode 8 – The Lions in Chain. Episode 22 – The Rise of Mukhtar. Subhaan Allah kaise kaise Allah k laal thy?


Episode 9 – Nainawa. Episode 7 – The Donkey of Dajjal. Episode 20 – The Last Game. When should do you think, you would be able to up-load next episode? I am very much interested to see the next episode but been waiting for about week. Pearl of Wisdom ‘Covetousness is the mount of pains.? We acknowledge that ‘ShiaSoure’ for providing the original film containing the featured video.

May Allah Bless you for your good work. Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as] Ibid. Episode 21 – Duldul. Episode 25 – The Ominous Alliance.