The reactions all sounded very off for that time period. This is not going to be concise, sorry. Sophia’s sister is the youngest princess who’d rather be a prince, thank you very much ; her brother, the prince, is away studying in England. Kick was the younger sister of John F. They may ask me to act as a consultant about historical details at some stage, but that would be my only involvement. As far as critiques go, my main issue is that I feel like the narration style of this book is maybe SO much in Sophie’s head that it left me feeling a bit removed from the plot.

I read everything like all my favorites except ‘Castle’ readalikes. Glad you enjoyed the books and thanks for your thoughtful compliments about the series, Martha! I like to think Montmaray would have joined the United Nations, though! Please try again later. Thank you , Laura! Hi, Sarah, and thank you.

Thank youLaura!

Montmaray Q & A – Memoranda

First, I should say I have a problem with suspension of disbelief regarding the setting. But, the ending was what absolutely blew me away.

Toby was the only one with any musical talent, and he liked all sorts of music, including classical and jazz. Julia It is but very low key. Thanks so much, Andrea, Dayln and JoLee!

I find more interesting how Sophia develops her mind. I was so impressed with how you wrote her coming-of-age without it feeling awkward or forced. So I imagine Simon felt conflicted from movir start — pulling away, trying to talk sense into Toby, then constantly getting drawn back into the relationship, almost against his will — and then being almost relieved when Sophie confronted him, because that gave Simon an excuse to journal it.


Why not Simon or Toby.

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I won’t talk about how much I appreciated the detailed but never overbearing world building and unpredictable plot twists, no no, that simply won’t do. I can’t believe what just happened! I think someone has montmarzy asked this! I loved this book surprisingly much! I know the ending touched on the Holocaust, but do the FitzOsbornes ever do something to commemorate journalss the Jewish people who uournals But, the ending was so much montmxray opposite that I bumped it up a notch.

It would have been much more of an issue then. I hope we can read an excerpt maybe sometime soon. Kick was the younger sister of John F. I read your authors notes, but I was just curious about how you did your research What was the main story that you wanted to tell with the books? I thought it was a really nice touch and really stuck in my mind as touchstone for how their relationship was changing, and made Sophie feel real.

Stuck on this tiny island which at times felt like a prison but was always, always home. Well, however hard and unbelievable it all seems, this author has managed it.

The film and television rights to The Montmaray Journals have been optioned by a US production company. Sorry if this has been asked already.


Want to Read saving…. Self-appointed librarian Mpntmaray and novel-reader Sophie are both realistic and pragmatic even as their gothic cliche of a country, kingdom, castle, and way of life are fading out of the modern world.

I have been meaning to write a comment ever since I went on your website. Thank you, thank you, Mivie Cooper, for this book, and this family. What happens to Gebhardt? She attended a succession of schools in Fiji and country New South Wales, then went to university in Sydney. I think the technical label is, an imaginary history. Even on a tiny island, there are happenings beyond what joutnals rest of the normal world gets up to – I guess this is what happens when you’re royalty.

Hi Michelle, I found this on YouTube it is a trailer someone made about your books. The FitzOsbornes, especially Veronica and Daniel, were very involved with helping Jewish refugees in London after the war. But I can overlook that because I loved this book so much. And that is exactly what this book gives us. O An excellent start. She worked as monrmaray speech and language p Michelle Cooper writes novels for teenagers.