The action series revolves around Leil Abdel-Salam, a professional hitman who goes through a lot of suffering that transforms him into a new person. What we do know is that this will be a light show addressing social issues in a humorous manner and that each episode has its own different plot. Assaliya’s dad doesn’t let her finish her education, sending her to work as a housemaid for a rich family, where the father is a drug dealer. And its competing with mosques from as far and wide as Russia, Mali and Thailand. Mahmoud Kamel Showing On: Hany Salama returns to the silver screen in the character of a convict who manages to escape prison. We can’t wait for more Shabaan-swag in this comedy drama this Ramadan. An analysis of TV viewership, social media buzz and online streaming reveals some [

This is a mosalsal remake of Fouad El-Mohandes’s masterpiece Ard El Nefaq , which revolves around a working-class man who finds a secret store selling pills which amplify certain aspects of his personality when consumed. Season 2 of the hit series from hits our screens this Ramadan once more. Mohamed El-Nokaly Channel s: Read more finds himself falling in love with two women, one of which is his cousin. Amir Karara plays the role of a police officer who keeps finding himself in hot-water as part of his daily job. However a security service tries their best to A mechanic falls in love with his boss’s daughter and plans to propose before he gets in a tragic accident that changes everything.

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It only gets worse, as her life is turned upside down when she finds out that her daughter was raped and kasri. Amy Samir Ghanem departs from comedy with a drama thriller alongside her husband, actor Hassan Raddad.

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Mohamed El-Nokaly Channel s: The events cover all major stations of Abdel-Salam’s life, with many people walking in and out of it. Hana El Zahed Director: A drama action thriller centred on the character of a schizophrenic man suffering from intense hallucination, which is played by none other than movie mega star Ahmed EL Sakka. A huge comedy production starring a specially talented cast of singer-turned-actor Ahmed Fahmy and upcoming nasri Mai Omar.


Yehia El Mazri Mervat Amin Yousra El Lozy Amr Saleh This comedy show deals with Nader, an ex-ambassador, who decides to leave the political field and found his own restaurant in a touristic place, where he cooks the meals himself. He goes on a dangerous journey seeking vengeance for his family. Ibrahim Fakhr Showing On: He falls in love with a girl and things begin to change.

He made it to the Oscars Live: Egypt’s 10 Most Surreal Viral Videos of Karim Abdel-Aziz is upping his drama game with a series based on actual files from the Egyptian Intelligence’s operations in the late 90s, playing the role of a heroic intelligence officer.

Arabic Series اقوى المسلسلات المصرية و السورية

On E, Channel 1. Hisham Fathy Channel s: After taking off from Beirut, the group, which have never met before, begin showing their true colours and the drama masrl.

Hala Khalil Showing On: If the recent hike in metro ticket prices is moussalsap you, do NOT open this list. Wad’ Amny Security Situation.

An analysis of TV viewership, social media buzz and online streaming reveals some [ Ramez Needs a Reality Check. Hosny Saleh Showing On: Ahmed Saleh Showing On: One of them however, has an opinion that is extremely far Dahsha — Drama 7.

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This drama-thriller starring Ahmed Ezz and Arwa Gouda is centered around the character of Abu Omar, an Egyptian lawyer who starts a peaceful association aiming to help those who msari victimised by the corruption of the big-shot lawyers. Haifa Wehbe is making a comeback to Egyptian drama after proving her worth as a talented actress. Raouf Abdelaziz Showing On: The King of Sting: MBC Masr – 7: If you would like to contribute regularly to CairoScene please send your CV and writing samples mouesalsal info cairoscene.


AL official Sun, Feb. Is everything in your luggage worth 30K though? Make sure you stack up on tissues and empathy this Ramadan.

A middle-class bank employee gets divorced because of how demanding her job is. The first phase of the project has already been completed. Sabeh Abdel-Aziz Channel s: In a romantic drama, Hamada Helal makes a return as a hardworking, straightforward, and moralistic guy who climbs the ladder of success in his career, while keeping his vices in check. Ma’a Sabq Alesrar — Drama 7. Another comedy revolving around a clumsy cop and his quest in catching the country’s trouble makers.

Magdy Ahmed Ali Channel s: While Hafez gets knee-deep in self-indulgence, Shawqy gets involved in his father’s trade business.

Haza Al Masaa’ This Evening. Why Bohemian Rhapsody won five Oscar Awards? Needless to say, this angers the authorities and they attempt to arrest him before he flees to Paris before eventually settling in Sudan with his son whose name is Omar, obviously and he ends up joining a secret jihadist group. Al-Nahar Yawmyat Zawga Mafrousa Awy The Diary of an Angry Wife The third part of the comedy, starring Egyptian star and former beauty queen Dalia El Beheiry, revolves around a traditional Egyptian wife in a series of comedic situations while trying to maintain balance in her chaotic life.

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